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Girls slam Ibiza hotel after room almost burns down due to faulty room key

Girls slam Ibiza hotel after room almost burns down due to faulty room key

UK holidaymakers have hit out at their hotel after their room key allegedly caused their room to 'set on fire' in the middle of the night

A girl claims her holiday was 'ruined' after her room went up in flames in the middle of the night.

Francesca Wylde took to TikTok to discuss her experience in June and shared images of her fire-damaged room after it was set alight at an Ibiza hotel.

In one part of the video, ash can be seen covering the whole room, while another image shows the door frame with jet-black scorch marks on it.

Francesca also shared an image of her damaged shoes.

She wrote over the images: "When your fast asleep on your girls holiday and the key card causes the room to go in flames at 5am [sic]."

Francesca added: "And the only compensation is is all inclusive for 2 days and a free cocktail."

She captioned the video, which has more than 200,000 views at the time of writing, with a warning to others who were considering staying at the hotel.

"Don't stay Hotel Vibra Piscis unless you want ur room to set on fire and get no compensation [sic]," she penned.

In the comments section, Francesca further went on to slam the establishment for its 'fake' reviews online, as apparently guests get a free cocktail for giving them high acclaim.

There was visible damage to the hotel room doorframe.

People have since shared their own experiences at the hotel - and they don't sound very good.

"I stayed here and my room flooded within 6 hours of me getting there and ruined all my things," alleged one person.

"Pay for what you get though, place is a dump."

"There was a stabbing there when I stayed there before they rebranded! And cockroaches in the room," claimed another.

Elsewhere, people have urged Francesca to get a solicitor involved.

Tyla have contacted Hotel Vibra District (formerly Vibra Piscis) for comment.

Francesca and her friends aren't the only ones to have had a holiday from hell this past summer after a family were forced to abandon their £7,000 trip due to cockroaches in their Lanzarote hotel.

All of the girls' belongings were covered in ash and dust.

Initially, mum Hayley Perry 'didn't think much' of seeing a few cockroaches dotted about, but soon discovered there were more than just a handful of them.

"On our way back to the room we saw a group of four cockroaches," she explained.

"Again, I didn't think anything of this as you see these on holiday and I didn't think it was too bad.

"On the fifth day my son came running up to me again and said a girl was chasing him with a cockroach.

"I asked how she managed to catch it and he said there were thousands of them and anyone could catch one. I went to go to the toilet near the entertainment area and they were all over the toilet.

"I just screamed and ran out. They were all running around the toilet door as well."

The family eventually got fed up with the apparent cockroach infestation and cut their holiday short by three days.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@francescawylde

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