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Couple sell home and buy cabin on cruise ship after retiring

Couple sell home and buy cabin on cruise ship after retiring

Talk about doing retirement in style

Ever been on a holiday and just never wanted to go back home and just stay away forever?

Well, one couple did exactly that after making the bold move to sell their home and fork out for a cabin on cruise ship to bring on their retirement era in style.

The pair, Mike and Barbara Soroker from Florida, have decided to downsize their abode and spent a staggering $2.5 million on buying a cabin on a cruise liner to live out their retirement in luxury.

Mike, 80, and Barbara, 75, have put down a deposit for a cabin on a cruise ship, which is still currently in its construction stages.

The mammoth vessel, which isn't setting for sail for at leats a couple years, features 18 decks with three swimming pools, a helipad, and even a marina on the ship.

The MV Narrative, which is being carried out by Storylines, is staggering 741 ft long with a beam of 98 ft, and will have a dedicated 450 member crew tending to the ship and its passengers.

While many cruise aficionados will know that cruises tend to range anywhere between a few days to weeks on end - the company behind the MV Narrative has decided to shake things up and allow passengers to not only come along onboard, but to actually buy cabins and suites there.

Mike and Barbara Soroker have spent $2.5 million on buying a cabin on a cruise liner to live out their retirement.
Mike Soroker

Such 'properties' can be purchased for personal use, like Mike and Barbara's retirement plan, or to rent out to other holiday-goers.

The leases on the cabins also last for life as well.

Opening up about the decision, Mike revealed just how thrilled he was to travel and live around the globe.

"I'm most excited to see the Middle East," Mike told BusinessInsider. "I worked in Israel for a little while and never got to see any other countries. I'd also like to get to Antarctica.

"That'd be crazy. My wife loves visiting Asia, so she'd love to get over there again."

However, the cabins will set you back a pretty penny. The starting price of an internal cabin with no windows costs a whopping $590,000, with the priciest most fancy suites going for a jaw-dropping $10 million.

A visual rendering of the colossal ship 18-deck ship.
YouTube / Sacramento Bee

Talking about the company's work-in-progress, Mike explained: "Once a month, they have a Zoom meeting to update us on progress.

"I think it'll be 2025 at the earliest. Some folks like myself who have already put money down, of course, want to know how secure that is.

"If it falls apart, I'm not worried. They basically said that, worst case, you get your money back."

With all that said, however, it's clear Mike and Barbara can't wait for all that's to come.

"Each year that goes by, I just feel younger," he said. "My wife and I have a great partnership. I feel like we can do almost anything.

"We enjoy dancing together. I'm very, very lucky."

Lucky indeed.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Mike Soroker / Sacremento Bee

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