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Flight attendant leaves holidaymakers ‘horrified’ after revealing what really happens in water landing

Flight attendant leaves holidaymakers ‘horrified’ after revealing what really happens in water landing

It's not good news, I'm afraid

Flight attendant has left holidaymakers well and truly 'horrified' after revealing what really happens in an emergency water landing.

Mandy Smith, the author of the number one best-selling women’s autobiography, Cabin Fever, has shared some of her key insights working soaring the skies.

Speaking to LADbible, Mandy gave her chilling response about arguably one of the most harrowing 'ditching' events in history.

When asked if planes can actually land on the ocean, known as 'ditching', Mandy explained that, on one occasion, all the passengers miraculously survived.

But that's where to good news stops.

The flight attendant admitted that this is 'quite rare', explaining: "People don't tend to survive from a ditching but this particular one they did."

She then added: "Then they all got eaten by sharks if I'm right on that one, I think it was in the Caribbean.

"So people don't tend to survive when you land on water."

Mandy continued: "Yeah, it's not a good scenario."

That's one way to put it.

Mandy Smith opened up about the horrific situation. (LADbible)
Mandy Smith opened up about the horrific situation. (LADbible)

She then told LADbible TV that 'most airlines' have stopped putting the 'pyramid style life rafts that people can climb into' in part of the plane.

"They're actually really good for places like the Atlantic where it's quite choppy, because those rafts that are just the slides are not very good."

"Not gonna save anyone, I'm afraid," Mandy confirmed.


Hundreds have since rushed to share their reactions to the frightful news with one TikTok user writing: "Wait they ALL got eaten by sharks?! So they all had to watch each other getting mauled??

"How many sharks were there?? Why isn't this a Netflix doc???"

My thoughts exactly.

A second penned: "I did not need to hear this."

"Cheers for that. Cant wait for my flight next month," joked a third while a fourth piped up: "That’s why it makes no sense that they give you life jackets."

A fifth revealed: "I thought she was joking at first? Cool so my fear of crashing into the water just tripled."

"My heart would have stopped before we hit the water so, no worries from me," quipped a sixth.

A seventh hit out: "I thought this was going to make me feel better but it just got worse and worse."

"Wait… so the life rafts do NOTHING?!" confessed another.

And a final TikTok user added: "Well, I’m never going on a plane again."

Not exactly the nicest visual image to have in mind now that we've entered summer holiday season...

Featured Image Credit: LADBible/Craig Hastings/Getty Images

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