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Flight attendant shares secret code word passengers never want to be called

Flight attendant shares secret code word passengers never want to be called

Airline staff have this name reserved for flyers exhibiting particularly bad behaviour

The festive season is officially behind us, and though we're only two weeks into 2024, holiday-makers all over the world are already setting their sights on their summer vacation.

Whether you're hoping for a party trip to Ibiza with pals or a romantic snowy weekend away in Iceland, you'll likely be making your trip via flight.

Apparently, however, there several codewords that frequently flyers should be well aware of when it comes to air travel.

That's because, according to one flight attendant, airline staff have a series of secret terms they use to define troublesome passengers.

Speaking to The Sun this week, the anonymous crew member revealed that if you overhear someone being labelled this one particular word during flight, the chances are that they've found themselves on the naughty list.

And don't be surprised if they are met by authority officials upon landing at their destination.

Here's a surefire way to get into your cabin crew's bad books.

No, we're not talking about 'Karen'. Apparently, being called a 'Philip' is significantly worse.

"If you’re labeled a Philip, then you’ve done something wrong and should probably expect to get bad service for the rest of the flight," she told the publication.

"That name originated from the term PILP — Passenger I’d Like to Punch — but has changed over time to become slightly more subtle," the flight attendant explained.

The airline employee also listed several of the antics you can exhibit if you're looking for a surefire way to end up in their bad books.

The biggest pet peeve is said to be calling the bell incessantly while travelling through the air, as well as demanding their immediate attention for minor services.

Demanding attention incessantly is one way to get branded a 'Philip'.
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Though every flyer has the right to ring the bell, they should opt to only do so in cases of immediate attention being needed, or an emergency.

Similarly, being filmed by travellers is also viewed as one-way ticket to be removed from the flight at the earliest possible convenience.

So much so, that several global airlines - including the likes of United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta and Southwest - have put into place a policy prohibiting flyers from recording members of staff without their consent during flight.

"If we’re in the middle of drinks or dinner service, the only time then you should be calling for us is in an emergency," the cabin crew member explained.

"If everything’s fine, then be patient. We’re very quick to work out who the Philips are and we will serve you accordingly, so bear that in mind if you’re a habitual button pusher."

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