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Expert issues major warning against trying viral travel ‘hack’ on flights

Expert issues major warning against trying viral travel ‘hack’ on flights

A TikToker shared a dangerous in-flight sleep hack that you shouldn't use

Travel hacks are all the range, especially if they save you time, money and hassle.

However, flight experts are warning passengers to stay away from a viral TikTok hack as it could be ‘life-threatening'.

Whether you’re on a short flight or in it for the long-haul, flying can be a pain when you’re in need of a good sleep.

A TikToker shared her 'hack' for getting a comfortable in-flight nap.
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But don’t be tempted to take the advice of TikToker Lexi, @alexisburnaby1711, if you want to keep yourself safe.

In a viral tutorial with over 21.3 million views, Lexi showed social media how to save space and find comfort in the small, cramped economy seating area.

How does one do this? According to Lexi, you curl your legs up onto the seat.

The social media influencer then wrapped the seatbelt around her legs to restrain them from sliding off the seat as she slept.

…I mean, props for the creativity but it seems like a little bit of a faff to get out of if you need the loo quickly.

In the text overlay of the video, she wrote: “To whoever it was that said to put the plane belt around your ankles, I owe you my life.”

Lexi, they might just cost you your life.

Even though it seems like a great hack at first which will save you the hassle of dropping out of your seat mid-snooze, especially if you can’t afford the luxurious business class reclining seat, but it’s not ideal.

Lexi thanked the person who told her about the 'hack'.
TikTok/ @alexisburnaby1711

Flight experts have come out in droves to say that this is could potentially harm you in the event of an in-flight incident or turbulence.

One expert in question is Michael Wallace, a travel expert and CEO of Greenback Expat Tax Services.

He told Thrillist: “If it’s attached to your ankles, this could put you in a life-threatening situation as you take extra time to first unbuckle and re-buckle your seatbelt.

“If the plane hits turbulence that causes you to lean forward at an increased rate, colliding with the seat in front of you and your knees can lead to two very different outcomes.”

Experts and flight attendants have urged against the so-called 'hack'.

That’s not even considering what would happen if you accidentally kneed yourself in the face, which could knock you out or lead to a concussion.

However, many people praised Lexi for sharing the hack and told her that she had changed their lives.

Others, not so much.

One person wrote: “Ok but that’s not safe…” and another said: “That’s really dangerous.”

While a professional stated: “As a flight attendant… please don’t.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@alexisburnaby1711

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