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Cruise ship worker reveals how much he spends while on board for six months

Cruise ship worker reveals how much he spends while on board for six months

You'll be surprised at how much he spends

A cruise ship worker has revealed how much he spends while on board - and I reckon you'll be surprised.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days, you'll know that cruise ship stories have certainly made the headlines.

In particular, the nude cruise ship that has 'strict rules' all passengers must be following.

With such a big interest surrounding the topic, a lot of cruise workers have come forward and detailed what life is like on the seas.

One of those being Bryan James - who is living on Royal Caribbean's Odyssey of the Seas for six months.

Bryan is touring the world as a solo guitarist entertaining its maximum of 4,198 guests.

Bryan James has revealed how much he spends on the ship.

He took to YouTube recently to detail his daily and monthly expenses living on board.

While a lot of what Bryan gets is completely free - including his cosy room - there is one thing a lot of us take for granted that he has to pay for on-board, WiFi.

"It's not cheap at $12 (£9.34) for just three hours coverage," he explained.

"And then even after paying it's a pretty poor download speed at less than 2MB per second. It can then worsen depending on how many people are using the service."

Bryan added: "Here's how much money I spend every day as a crew member working on a cruise ship.

"First though, it's really important to know what I don't spend my money on and most importantly that's my room. It's completely free, comes with the job. And certain jobs get certain types of rooms.

"I'm a solo guitarist on this ship which means I get a room which is really huge compared to most cruise ship cabins."

Bryan said WiFi is not free on the ship.

Food is free too, even though Bryan admits he could eat in the ship's many swanky restaurants, he is aiming to 'save as much as possible'.

As for what he spends his money on, Bryan continued: "Soda. I know it's really bad for me but it's just a part of my life and I buy two cans of soda a day that comes out to $1.72 (£1.34).

"I spent my money on internet, costing me $12 a day and that gets me three hours at around one megabit per second or so.

"If the network is super busy then it can be a little bit lower so there we have it. I spend $411 (£320) per month for two sodas and three hours of internet each day."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@bryanjamescruises

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