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Here's How To Get 38 Days Off In 2022 By Using Just 15 Days Of Annual Leave

Here's How To Get 38 Days Off In 2022 By Using Just 15 Days Of Annual Leave

Tactically booking days off to coincide with bank holidays and weekends will allow you to have even longer breaks

Workers in the UK can boost their annual leave by tactically booking time off to coincide with bank holidays and weekends.

If you book the right days now you can get 38 days off during the remainder of 2022, all while using just 15 days of annual leave - although this method may not apply if you are a shift worker who works bank holidays and weekends.

The Easter bank holiday and long weekend may be over but if you use this method they'll be plenty more long weekends in your future...Don't mind if we do.

You can use these extra days to plan relaxing getaways (

The first step to this method is finding out when the rest of this year's bank holidays actually are.

With the extra bank holiday to celebrate the Queen's platinum jubilee there a six bank holidays remaining this year. These are:

  • 2 May (Early May bank holiday)
  • 2 June (Spring bank holiday)
  • 3 June (Platinum Jubilee bank holiday)
  • 29 August (Summer bank holiday)
  • 26 December (Boxing day)
  • 27 December (Christmas substitute)
Jet away for an extra-long weekend (

It's not the usually expected two-week request period but if you have a more relaxed boss you may still be able to book off book off April 25 to 29. If you do, you'll be using just 5 days on annual leave but have 10 days off work.

If you book May 30, 31 and June 1 off work you'll get nine days off while using just three days of your precious holiday time.

Similarly if you book off August 30 to September 2 you'll also get nine days off. It's genius really.

Make sure you get your requests in quick (

Looking towards the end of the year and the Christmas period if you use annual leave for December 28, 29 and 30 you'll have 10 days in a row off work.

These will all likely to be popular dates to request off, so if you haven't got the requests in yet then make sure to do it soon or you may end up missing out!

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