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Storm Eunice: Thousands Are Tuning In To Big Jet TV As Planes Struggle To Land In Heathrow

Storm Eunice: Thousands Are Tuning In To Big Jet TV As Planes Struggle To Land In Heathrow

I guess you could say it's really taken off.

After locking themselves inside to avoid the wrath of Storm Eunice this weekend, people quickly found themselves glued to one fascinating livestream.

YouTube channel Big Jet TV skyrocketed to the top of the internet's top trending lists this afternoon, as it records planes landing in Heathrow Airport.

From domestic to international flights, presenter Jerry Dyer has been providing hundreds of thousands of viewers with commentary as jets attempt to make the runway in brutal weather conditions.

You can tune in to the livestream here:

The aviation livestream channel hosts bi-weekly livestreams from airports across the UK and beyond, but the team were shocked when they found themselves with almost a quarter of a million viewers watching live on Friday.

Between landings, presenter Jerry could be heard telling his Director of Operations Gilly Prestwood that he "can't handle" the vast number of people watching.

Big Jet TV's coverage was so engrossing that Jerry Dyer briefly had to put his commentary on pause when reporters from national news teams arrived on the scene to interview him in the midst of his Storm Eunice livestream.

Big Jet.TV)

Over on Twitter, people are absolutely loving the highly-dramatic take-offs and landings.

One new fan of the livestream wrote: "The tension of this Big Jet TV guy watching planes land at Heathrow in this f*** off storm is a lot higher than I was expecting"

A second posted: "Just wanna be in the pub, big screen on, watching BIG JET TV with some pints."

While a third added: "Big Jet TV may be the end of football."


Some are convinced that Jerry could make a real name for himself after Friday's livestream.

One tweeted: "Big moment for the jet tv guy at Heathrow airport. With the right agent could end up with a podcast and a book deal like Jackie weaver, or a photoshoot for Gucci like the tiktok train guy. But if his battery dies it’s all over. Let’s see. 💰"

Another joked: "After a media bidding war, Channel 4 announces the Great British Take Off, in which Jerry from Big Jet TV judges celebrities handling A380s in stormy weather."

"Looking forward to Big Jet TV's eight-part Netflix series: joked a third.

Big companies are already getting in on the act.


Other amused Twitter users are convinced that absolutely no work is getting done across the UK today, as it seems every single person is engrossed in the live stream.

One person tweeted: "I'm pretty sure everyone has stopped working to watch Big Jet TV. The Teams chat is popping off🤣"

A second wrote: "work: thinking i’m busy working from home. me: watching the top quality entertainment of planes landing in the storm at Heathrow on Big Jet TV."

"If you’re working from home and don’t have Big Jet TV on your big telly right now then you’re doing it wrong" added third.

Congrats to the Big Jet TV team - we suspect the brand deals will be along shortly...

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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