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Woman Reveals Devastating Footage Of Garden Destroyed By Storm Eunice

Woman Reveals Devastating Footage Of Garden Destroyed By Storm Eunice

This is shocking!

A woman has been left in shock after her Storm Eunice tore through her back garden and left it in a state.

TikToker @iftheshoefitswearit shared video footage of the wreck, telling viewers that she had been "sat here doing some work" when trees came toppling in her yard.

Watch the video here:

After the first tree fell, the Southhampton-based TikTok creator told followers: "This is the tree in our garden, and I'm worried that [the one on] this side is gonna fall on our house, so I think we're gonna have to leave, but it's very scary!"

In the follow up clip, she showed concerned viewers what her garden looked like after the storm had passed through.

Followers left comments to share their well wishes and asked for updates to make sure her family was safe.

Storm Eunice tore through this woman's garden.(

Asked if there was any damage to the house, the TikToker replied: "The roof is a bit damaged but could be a bit worse."

Others tried to look for a bright side to the destruction of the garden, suggesting that the destroyed trees would be useful for fires.

One commented: "plenty of logs for the cold weather."

A second wrote: "think of the firewood with energy bills so high your going to be well warm for cheap 😂😂😂"

Thankfully no one was hurt. (

While everyone hides indoors from the harsh weather conditions, people are glued to their computer screens thanks to Big Jet TV.

The YouTube channel skyrocketed to the top of the internet's top trending lists this afternoon, as it records planes landing in Heathrow Airport.

The aviation livestream channel hosts bi-weekly livestreams from airports across the UK and beyond, but the team were shocked when they found themselves with almost a quarter of a million viewers watching live on Friday.

You can watch the stream and read more about it here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@iftheshoefitswearit

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