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Starbucks Customer Claims French Bulldog 'Choked To Death' After Drinking Puppuccino

Starbucks Customer Claims French Bulldog 'Choked To Death' After Drinking Puppuccino

The customer claimed her 18-week-old Bonnie 'silently choked to death' on a dog biscuit.

A 'heartbroken' dog owner has claimed that her newborn French Bulldog 'silently choked to death' on a Starbucks 'Puppuccino' - as staff allegedly put a dog biscuit in there.

Megan Harrison, who works as an Enhanced Support Worker, visited a Starbucks in Festival Park, Stoke-On-Trent on 7th September. The 24-year-old took three of the creamy dog drinks home for her pets, not knowing that they'd been topped with Bonio treats.

Shortly after the youngest of the brood, 18-week-old Bonnie, had drank hers, she was found dead.

Puppuccinos aren't an official Starbucks UK menu item. [
Kennedy News and Media]

Megan's fiancé performed CPR on the puppy for 10 minutes, but efforts to save her were fruitless.

The support worker was devastated, saying she was 'heartbroken' at the loss of her pet.

"When I lost her, my mental health just plummeted", she said. "Even if I give [the others] a treat I'm watching them eat it. I know I shouldn't be like that because I know they'll be fine, but because of what's happened I'm constantly looking".

She's now speaking out about her ordeal in an attempt to prevent dog owners from living through a similar experience - claiming she wants to warn dog owners to not allow staff to put biscuits on top of puppuccinos.

Megan wants to prevent other dog owners from going through the same ordeal. [

Starbucks said they were 'really upset' to hear about Megan's loss and stated that puppuccinos are 'not an official item on the Starbucks UK menu'.

The chain admitted that dog biscuits are not usually provided, however claimed their staff asked Megan if her dog would like one on this occasion as they knew her. This adheres to Starbucks' 'make every moment right policy', which means the biscuits would've been '[offered] free of charge'.

Bonio manufacturer Purina said the health and wellbeing of their pets is 'number one priority' and that they don't supply dog biscuits to restaurants and cafés.

Megan's mental health 'plummeted' after the loss of her puppy. [

Megan said she was 'absolutely disgusted' by the coffee chain's response.

"All they offered me was a £250 gift card [...] she's worth more than £250 worth of coffee".

"I haven't even had a sincere apology from them or anything, that's all I would've really wanted".

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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