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Shoppers' minds blown after realising what hook on trollies are for

Shoppers' minds blown after realising what hook on trollies are for

People's minds have been blown after finding out what the hooks on trollies are for

Many shoppers have been left mind blown after realising what the hooks on a trolley actually do.

When doing the big food shop, you need somewhere to dump your bags so you are not holding them while you are running a heavy trolley around a supermarket.

Over the years, many shopping hacks have been discussed online - from simple money saving tips to the ability to unlock a supermarket trolley even if you do not have a £1 coin.

But this new trick truly has shoppers' minds boggled as it is super straightforward and has existed on shopping trolleys for a fair while.

The hack was uploaded by Woolworths Australia (ah, remember them?) to their own TikTok account last week.

In the short video, a Woolworths employee said: "Woolworths trolley hack.

"On the back of every trolley there is a courtesy hook so you can hang your hat or your reusable bags, so you don't have to carry them around the store."

Many have taken to the comment section of the TikTok, with some admitting that they never realised the hook was a thing.

One person said: "I was pleased when I discovered that hook. And I do hang my shopping bags there."

A lot of people did not even know about the hook on a trolley.
@BeeFaerie/ Twitter

While a second thought it was common knowledge: "I thought everyone knew that."

The hack was also posted by New Zealand MP Deborah Russell who shared a picture of herself using the trolley hook on Twitter.

In a tweet posted in 2019, the Labour MP said: "Shopping trolley innovation: a handy hook for bags."

In replies to the tweet, many people said they were unaware of it, while others said that the hook wasn't there for them in shops nearby.

One user wrote: "I only just discovered that like only a month ago - and I've been using trolleys for years... who woulda known huh."

The hook is certainly useful for putting a bag on.
@BeeFaerie/ Twitter

A second added: "Yes! It’s amazing how many people don’t know what they are for though. Truly confusing to watch all those bags in trolleys."

And a third remarked: "Excellent, so much of the trolley is taken up by bags."

While another user was a little less impressed and said: "Another utterly astounding 'hack'/'I had NO IDEA OMG' video on FB as, this time, some genius discovers that the bag hook on a shopping trolley is in actual fact a hook for hanging bags.

"Never mind New Year motivations; I could probably power myself through this entire year with the white hot rage I feel for folk discovering products' intended uses several decades into their ridiculous lives."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / Ian Francis / Alamy Stock Photo

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