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Mum sparks debate after revealing nine-year-old daughter asked to shave her legs

Mum sparks debate after revealing nine-year-old daughter asked to shave her legs

When do you think it's appropriate to allow your child to start shaving their legs?

A mum has sparked a debate online after revealing her nine-year-old daughter asked to shave her legs, saying she wants her to ‘stay natural and young’ for as long as possible.

Setting boundaries for kids as they age is one of the most difficult parts of parenting, knowing that you want to let your son or daughter have freedom while also ensuring they’re not growing up too fast.

This is the exact predicament one mum recently found herself in, having taken to the Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas Facebook group, explaining how her nine-year-old daughter had started repeatedly asking to get her legs shaved.

She turned to the online community for advice, asking what age others felt was appropriate to let youngsters start shaving.

“My daughter will be 10 in a couple of weeks,” she explained.

“She is little for her age and no signs of puberty yet.

“However, she keeps asking me to get her legs shaved. They aren’t massively hairy but it’s obviously an issue for her.”

The little girl has been begging her mum to let her shave her legs.

The mother went on: “I don’t let her have painted nails or makeup or change hair color. I like her to stay natural and young as possible for as long as possible.

“I’ve told her that she won’t be shaving as this encourages hair to grow faster and thicker but that when she is ready I’ll take her for sugaring as from research this is the best to reduce hair growing back and more gentle than waxing.

“However, I was assuming this would be around age 12. What age do you think is OK to start shaving?”

In the comments, people were pretty divided on the matter, with some saying it’s all about ‘personal choice within each family’, while others argued it should be her daughter’s decision.

One commented: “Wow… no painted nails, no colour in hair or make up or shaving but you’ll take her for sugaring when you deem that best….?? For real? Can she pick her own clothes?

“Jeez let her shave… show her how to do it best and safely.. or she’ll do it without you.

"I started at around 10 with no adults knowing as I have very dark hair and other kids can be mean af at school.

“It’s her body. Her choices. Provide her with everything she needs to do what makes her happy.”

Responding to the comment, the mum replied: “Coz I don’t believe a child should try to dress like a teen or adult! I teach my daughter that she doesn’t need anything artificial to look pretty and teach her she’s beautiful and doesn’t need any of that. Because of these she is very confident in her looks.

“She’s only asking about the hair on her legs. If children think they can look prettier with make up - what is this teaching them! There’s a bigger, deeper picture people need to think about!”

What would you do?
Chris Rout/Alamy Stock Photo

Someone else wrote: “I shaved when I was 10 I didn't ask or mention it. Just done it. Some kids like to be smooth and this goes into adulthood. Some don't and that's fine too.

“It's her body and although to you may think she may be too young, it's not your body. I’m just saying you may soon not have a choice as she might just do it.”

A third said: “I think it’s all about personal choice within each family. My only advice would be she is getting older and is going to face lots of different things that come with growing up, talk to her, go through all the different options and make her feel like you're really listening to her.

“It’s only shaving her legs but now is the opportunity to build the relationship so she feels like in the future she can talk to you about anything worrying her and you will listen. If she feels like you're not listening, it may lead to her not being so open about things in the future hope you find a compromise together.”

While a fourth added: “Even though she's 10, it's her body, my mum wouldn't let me shave so I just got my friend to show me how to do it. If it's something that allows her to feel more comfortable show her how to do it safely and responsibly.

“Not allowing children to do certain things just encourages them to go behind your back.”

What would you do?

Featured Image Credit: Chris Rout/Bondarenco Vladimir/Alamy Stock Photo

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