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Mum defends waxing her three-year-old daughter's unibrow

Mum defends waxing her three-year-old daughter's unibrow

The mum says she is preventing her daughter from becoming the target of bullies

A mum who went viral after posting a video of herself waxing her three-year-old daughter’s eyebrows has defended her actions, saying she is preventing her child from becoming the target of bullies. You can see the viral clip here:

Leah Garcia, 31, posted a video on TikTok recently in which she can be seen waxing the eyebrows of her daughter, Bliss, alongside the caption: “IDC [I don’t care]! IDC! I'd rather y'all call me a bad mom before I let my 3 year old walk around with a unibrow like my parents did!"

In the clip, the youngster can be seen quickly having the wax strip removed from between her eyebrows, before saying: "Ow, mom, that hurt me.”

In response, Leah replies: "All right, girl, now you got two eyebrows!"

Leah has defended her action.

The video has racked up millions of views and has firmly divided opinion, with some saying three is too young to be worried about eyebrows and waxing - but others said they 'wished' their parents had done the same.

One person commented: “As soon as a parent points out a flaw it will stick with them forever. Even if they are thankful, they’ll remember not being perfect for mom.”

Another said: “Maybe at the age 7-8 but 3?”

In contrast, someone else replied: "I'm a preschool teacher and see this all the time. She will thank you later!" 

A fourth wrote: “Ugh I wish my mom did this for me. Got bullied so hard for my eyebrows and my arms.”

Leah has since responded to the criticism levelled at her, saying it was Bliss’ choice to have her brows waxed and that she’s helping prevent her from becoming a target of ‘cruel’ bullies. 

She told Today: “As a child, I had very thick and dark eyebrows and I'd shave behind my parents' back because my father didn't believe children should worry about things like that.

"I remember a boy saying to me in kindergarten, 'Why are your eyebrows so big?'"

Leah Garcia with daughter Bliss.

Leah says she waxes Bliss, and her elder daughter Behautti, 11, with their permission. 

She explained: "We have 'waxing days' at home. I ask, 'Who wants to wax?' No one is holding down Bliss — she's not screaming in pain. It's her choice."

The mum also said she could understand why some people were critical but said she does it to stop bullies picking on her daughter. 

"I understand where [people who criticise] are coming from but kids can be cruel. 

"Waxing her unibrow isn't giving in to bullies; it's preventing them from targeting my daughter."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@leah_txrealtor/Caters

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