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Terrifying video shows why you must look after your tree properly if you buy a real one

Terrifying video shows why you must look after your tree properly if you buy a real one

A terrifying video shows why you should look after your tree this Christmas if you have a real one in the house.

As it is now officially December, many of us will be putting up our Christmas tree and decorations in the coming days - unless you are a little excited and put it up in November.

Putting the tree up officially marks Christmas for a lot of us, and the actual putting up part is a real family occasion for many.

However, Christmas may be a time of joy, but you will want to read the health and safety advice on putting up your tree.

This is especially important to folk who have a real Christmas tree this year.

In a terrifying video uploaded to the Secret Firefighter UK Twitter account, you see side-by-side a real Christmas tree that has been watered and one that hasn't. Watch it below:

The two trees are positioned in the exact same place in the same living room and surroundings.

But while the watered tree has a small flame alight, the non-watered tree is completely engulfed in flame within minutes, and the fire has even spread to the rest of living room.

It is quite shocking the difference between the two trees, showing whether to water your real tree could well and truly be the difference between life and death.

So, what is the advice for picking out a tree this Christmas to avoid a horrifying fire happening.

Well, the UK Fire Service says a 'burning tree can rapidly fill a room with fire and deadly gases', so it is important you follow all the health and safety guidelines.

It all starts with picking out your tree, the Fire Service says that needles on fresh trees should be green and hard to pull back from branches.

The video shows what can happen if you do not water your real Christmas tree.
@TheSecretFF999/ Twitter

They also say that the trunk should be sticky to touch, and the needle should not break if the tree has been freshly cut.

If many needles do fall off, the Fire Service say the tree has been cut too long and has likely dried out.

They warn this will be a fire hazard, so you should definitely avoid it.

Advice from B&Q also provides guidance on watering your tree to minimise the fire risk.

On their website, they suggest to "cut about 3cm off the bottom using a panel saw and pop it straight into a bucket of water to absorb".

They add that once it is inside, do not put the tree in sand or soil as this can reduce the amount of water it can uptake.

It is also recommended you water your real Christmas tree every day.

Some real Christmas trees can provide a real fire risk.
James Jeffrey Taylor / Alamy Stock Photo

The Fire Service also provided advice for when the tree is up during the festive season.

They say: "Do not place your tree close to a heat source, including a fireplace or heat vent. The heat will dry out the tree, causing it to be more easily ignited by heat, flame or sparks.

"Be careful not to drop or flick cigarette ashes near a tree. Do not put your live tree up too early or leave it up for longer than two weeks. Keep the tree stand filled with water at all times."

And for when all the Christmas fun is over, the tree should be removed from the house promptly.

They suggest the best way is to take it to a recycling centre or have it picked up by a community service.

Featured Image Credit: National Fire Protection Association

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