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Heartbreaking secret nods to Queen Elizabeth II as Charles was made King yesterday

Heartbreaking secret nods to Queen Elizabeth II as Charles was made King yesterday

His Majesty King Charles III paid homage to his late mother and Queen

Full of tradition and symbolism, the coronation of King Charles III also had some more subtle details that were sentimental nods to his late and loved mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

As her death in September 2022 pathed the way to the throne for King Charles, it was only fitting that there be touching tributes weaved into the ceremony.

In case you missed them, from the flowers to the breathtaking jewels and even Queen Camilla's clothing, here's every tearjerking nod to the mother and last monarch.

While the floral arrangements on the day were stunning from any point of view, the palace said in a statement that the blooms adorning The High Altar were covered in 'boughs cut from flowering shrubs and trees from the five Royal Horticultural Society gardens across the British Isles'.

These include branches from the pair of Dawyck beech trees planted by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh at RHS Wisley in 1978.

Meanwhile, as Queen Camilla entered the abbey to be crowned, she wore the crimson velvet and ermine Robe of State originally made for Queen Elizabeth's Coronation in 1953, conserved and adjusted by London's oldest tailors Ede and Ravenscroft.

Camilla donned another Ede and Ravenscroft cape as she left.

The capes worn by Queen Camilla were sentimental.

Known as the Robe of Estate, this one was made specially for her in rich velvet, designed and hand embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework.

Among the 24 plants sewn in gold thread were lily of the valley which was known to be the favourite flower of Queen Elizabeth II.

Camilla's necklace by Garrard worn throughout, was the one Queen Elizabeth wore to her own coronation.

With her daughter-in-law paying tribute - it was fitting for Kate, Princess of Wales, to do the same.

The necklace had a special significance.

Princess Kate was adorned with the George VI Festoon necklace, which was originally made for then-Princess Elizabeth in 1950 at the request of her father, King George VI, reports Harpers Bazaar.

The stunning piece includes strands of diamonds.

And it wasn't just the female family members sending tributes to past monarchs.

King Charles himself donned a single white glove on his right right hand while he held the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross during the ceremony.

Made of white leather it's embroidered with national emblems including the Tudor rose, thistle, shamrock, oak leaves and acorns.

The glove was worn by the last male monarch.

Usually stored in the Tower of London, it forms part of the Coronation regalia, including the sword belt King Charles wore yesterday (6 May).

Both were worn by his grandfather, George VI, the last male monarch when he was crowned.

Caroline de Guitaut, deputy surveyor of the King’s Works of Art at the Royal Collection Trust said it was the King’s ‘personal decision’ to reuse garments.

“And it's in keeping with this idea of sustainability and efficiency to reuse these pieces,” she told the BBC.

Featured Image Credit: Doug Peters / PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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