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People can't get over the Queen’s real name and occupation on death certificate

People can't get over the Queen’s real name and occupation on death certificate

The Queen's details were shared on her death certificate

Members of the public are baffled to learn the Queen's real name and the title of her occupation following the release of her death certificate.

Buckingham Palace initially announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September, saying at the time simply that she had 'died peacefully at Balmoral'.

She was buried at Windsor Castle on 19 September following a funeral at Westminster Abbey, but it wasn't until today (29 September) that her death certificate was released to the public.

Like most official documents, the certificate includes details such as the Queen's full name, date of birth and occupation.

As a member of the Royal Family, though, the Queen's certificate is slightly more extravagant than the average person's.

We start off fairly normal, documenting the district of her death as Aberdeenshire. Nothing unexpected about that, as she passed away in Scotland.

We then get into the details that people find more surprising.

Following the release of the death certificate, Twitter users have expressed their surprise at the fact Her Majesty's full name is actually 'Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor'.

I'd like to think that people weren't expecting the words 'The' and 'Queen' to make up the monarch's full name, as we had a good 70 years to get familiar with her title of Queen Elizabeth II, but members of the public have admitted that they never expected her to have a last name.

"Oh wow, I always thought officially the Queen didn't have a last name. So weird to see it on a document like this," one person wrote.

The same Twitter user went on to draw attention to the Queen's occupation, which is listed as 'Her Majesty The Queen'. Another pointed out it's not exactly a job you'd expect to find on the 'drop down menu' when searching for occupations, but it was her job nonetheless.

According to the Royal Family website, the Queen was given the first name Elizabeth in honour of her mother, while her middle names, Alexandra Mary, are taken from her paternal great-grandmother, Queen Alexandra, and paternal grandmother, Queen Mary.

She became Queen following the death of her father, King George VI, in February 1952 and went on to celebrate 70 years in power with her Platinum Jubilee earlier this year.

Members of the royal family rushed to Balmoral to be with the Queen after doctors announced concerns about her health a few hours prior to her passing.

Featured Image Credit: Marco Secchi/Alamy Stock Photo/PA

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