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The Queen's favourite pony's touching tribute in final goodbye

The Queen's favourite pony's touching tribute in final goodbye

Emma watched on as the Queen's coffin was taken to Windsor Castle

Humans weren't the only ones who bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II this week, as her favourite pony was also spotted making a touching tribute on the day of her funeral.

The Queen was buried at the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Westminster Castle yesterday (19 September) following her funeral at Westminster Abbey, which was attended by the royal family as well as numerous heads of state.

A procession carried the Queen's coffin to Windsor Castle, and there to witness the events was her pony, Carltonlima Emma, handled by the Queen's Stud Groom, Terry Pendry.

Emma and Terry were spotted on the side of the road during the proceedings, with Terry dressed in a black jacket while the pony wore a saddle blanket embroidered with the Queen's initials, ER.

As well as the blanket, the horse sported a tribute to the Queen by carrying one of her headscarves, which was laid across the saddle. The monarch was often seen wearing such scarves when riding horses, travelling or watching horse races, and the one being carried by Emma appeared to be white with a black and gold pattern.

Emma was accompanied by the Queen's Stud Groom, Terry.
PA Images/Alamy Stock Photo

Members of the public were touched when they spotted the pony, but some even expressed belief Emma gave a little curtsey when the Queen's coffin passed by.

"Is it me or did Emma, the Queens [sic] horse literally curtsey to her mistress," one Twitter user questioned, while another wrote: "I swear that the horse crossed her legs to curtsey."

Mary Airey, whose nephew bred Emma at the Murthwaite Stud farm in Cumbria, acknowledged the pony's attempts to pay her respects while speaking with the BBC, saying: "It was lovely yesterday to see Emma with Terry. And - I don't know if people noticed - but when the coffin went past Emma lifted her foot and it was priceless."

The Queen continued to ride Emma well into her 90s, and acted as a patron of the Fell Pony Society for more than 40 years.

Emma was not the only animal spotted saying goodbye to the Queen yesterday, as her pembroke welsh corgis, Muick and Sandy, were also spotted waiting at Windsor Castle as the funeral procession arrived.

The monarch had two other dogs, Candy and Lissy, at the time of her death. Following her passing, it was confirmed that her son, Prince Andrew, would be looking after the corgis along with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Alamy

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