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Princess Charlotte 'dabs' during very serious coronation concert moment

Princess Charlotte 'dabs' during very serious coronation concert moment

Camilla's got nothing on the 'dabbing queen' Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte stole the coronation concert after a moment during her dad's speech left viewers in stitches.

It was a very varied concert as royals and the public watched a smorgasbord of performances ranging from Pete Tong opening the show with his Ibiza classics to a live recital of Shakespeare on stage.

Some of the biggest highlights of the night included Katy Perry rocking up to perform while dressed as the toffee penny from a tin of Quality Street and the internet's seemingly collective annoyance at Olly Murs.

Then there was the reunion of three-fifths of Take That, with people wondering whether Robbie Williams and Jason Orange were going to show up at any point.

However, for some coronation concert viewers the best moment of the whole thing was when Princess Charlotte appeared to dab while her dad was giving a speech.

Coronation concert viewers were overjoyed when Princess Charlotte appeared to dab.

Fans of the Royal Family were already heartbroken that Prince Louis wasn't there to provide any drama but luckily his sister stepped in for some fun.

It was during the segment where Prince William was paying tribute to his father, the newly crowned King Charles III.

When he got to the bit where he praised his father for The Prince's Trust there was an outbreak of applause from the crowd leaving the Prince of Wales to pause his speech.

The camera cut away to the royal box for a reaction and it was Princess Charlotte who stole the show, seated between her mother, Kate Middleton and older brother, Prince George.

With the cameras on her and millions of people watching the young princess appeared to dab while her family were applauding around her and viewers have absolutely loved the moment.

The dab came while Prince William was making a speech at the coronation concert.

Plenty watching the coronation concert at home all had the same question: "Did Princess Charlotte just dab on live television?"

Of all the things you could have had on your coronation concert bingo card Princess Charlotte managing to 'hit a dab on em tonight' as one viewer put it was probably not there (if you had 'Camilla checks her watch' then you were in luck).

Others thought it was pretty funny that the cameras appeared to cut away quickly, perhaps the BBC's show director had an instruction to cut away from any royal who dabs.

The Royal Family have released a behind the scenes video of the coronation concert showing some of the preparation that went into putting on a show fit for a King.

Still, it didn't all go to plan as there were some acts the royals tried to book who weren't able to make it or turned down the offer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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