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Royal fans left cringing over 'awful' Olly Murs at King's coronation concert

Royal fans left cringing over 'awful' Olly Murs at King's coronation concert

He teased his performance earlier this week, warning that Charles needed to have his 'dancing shoes' ready

Royal fans have been left cringing over Olly Murs’ performace at King Charles’ coronation concert this evening after the star warned us about what to expect from his performance, having implied he'd be going aaaaall out.

Murs, 38, tweeted last week to announce he’d be performing at the concert, which concludes the weekend of celebrations in honour of King Charles III being officially crowned as monarch.

“I hope the royals have their dancing shoes on Sunday,” the singer said. "Wow, I am truly honoured to be performing at this historic event in front of our new King."

The same day, he also teased his live performance on The One Show.

While he couldn’t give much away about what to expect, he warned: “Well, I hope that King Charles has his dancing shoes on! That’s all I can say!”

Murs said he was due to rehearse yesterday (Saturday 6 May) on the huge Union Jack-shaped stage.

Murs teased his performance on The One Show.

“I’ve been chatting to the choreographers at the moment, so there’s gonna be some sort of performance that will involve me dancing and stuff, so that’s exciting," he said.

“I think I’m on the stage on Saturday doing rehearsals.”

Murs also promised that the visuals looked ‘spectacular’, continuing: “It’s gonna be special. It hasn’t really sunk in, I don’t think, to be honest. I’ve been in such tour mode, but by the time it gets to Saturday it’s gonna really hit home, the occasion, the moment, and how it’s a once-in-a-lifetime, a historic moment for me in my career, but not just for me, for everyone watching. It’s gonna be incredible.”


He added: "I’ve been doing this for a long time, from 2009.

"From working in a call centre in Essex to, 14 years later, probably the biggest gig of my life, just really, really honoured to be at such a historic event and singing in front of the King."

Unfortunately for Murs though, plenty of viewers weren't too overjoyed to see him performing at the coronation concert tonight, wondering about his 'bizarre American accent'.

Someone else wanted to know 'why do they always roll out Olly Murs at these events' before punctuating their rhetorical question with a 'sod off' for good measure.

Another piled in to say they 'forget how awful Olly Murs is' before adding that 'it all comes back quickly' once they hear him.

Some viewers thought the younger royals weren't too into Olly Murs.

Not everyone in attendance was wishing that his performance would be over quickly as the people at the front of the queue for the coronation concert said they'd gone to see him as he was 'our King'.

He did also get a big cheer from the amassed audience.

Alongside Murs, other big names on the bill for the concert tonight include Take That, Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie, Paloma Faith, Steve Winwood and Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls.

It was also announced that the likes of Tom Cruise, Dame Joan Collins, Bear Grylls and Sir Tom Jones would make an appearance via video message.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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