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Royal fans turn off King's coronation concert over Prince Louis

Royal fans turn off King's coronation concert over Prince Louis

The young prince is unfortunately absent from tonight's coronation concert

Royal fans are devastated over Prince Louis not attending this evening's coronation concert, with some even resorting to turning off the highly anticipated event.

The little lad is unfortunately absent from being alongside the Royal Family at tonight's concert (7 May) to celebrate King Charles III's coronation, leaving viewers well and truly gutted.

And despite having the likes of Lionel Richie, Olly Murs and Katy Perry to entertain the nation, some fans have even turned off the concert due to Louis not being there.

Talk about being a national treasure!

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "Prince Louis not at the concert. I’m turning off."

And another said: "No Prince Louis?! I’m switching over to Emmerdale," with someone else claiming: "No Prince Louis, might as well turn the telly off."

A fourth then said: "Where’s Prince Louis?!? He’s the most entertaining out of the lot of them!"

Well, it turns out there's a pretty reasonable excuse as to why the mischievous royal isn't present this evening, and it's simply down to his young age.

The prince is 'retired' during tonight's service, a move that was actually planned in advance.

This factor also played in Louis' absence from his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II's funeral last year, with it being suggested he was simply too young to attend such an event.

Viewers loved Prince Louis' balcony appearance at his grandfather's coronation.

Thankfully, Louis was present for his grandfather's coronation yesterday (6 May) and of course, his antics on the balcony of Buckingham Palace had everyone in stitches.

While we were all hoping for a scorcher this bank holiday, the heavens opened as Charlie and the rest of the clan came out to say hello to the masses following the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

And Louis was clearly not having any of it and was seen flapping his arms round like a mad man.

At one point, the youngster appeared to spot himself on the big screen and pointed it out to his big sister, Princess Charlotte.

Viewers following the ceremony at home found the prince’s hand gesture adorable, with one fan branding him an ‘absolute mood’.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Prince Louis never disappoints.” He really does not.

Prince Louis has become well known for his hilarious public antics.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Another wrote: “Very much here for Prince Louis’ waving style.”

And someone else commented: “Once again, Prince Louis is proving to be an absolute mood on Buckingham Palace’s balcony.”

While a third added: “Just me that watched the Coronation for the legend that is Prince Louis?”

Absolutely not.

Featured Image Credit: Yui Mok / PA Wire / BBC

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