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Coronation concert viewers call out Katy Perry for coming dressed as a Quality Street

Coronation concert viewers call out Katy Perry for coming dressed as a Quality Street

The singer's one of a whole host of celebs taking part in King Charles III's coronation concert

Katy Perry stunned fans after she turned up to perform at King Charles III's coronation concert tonight dressed like a Quality Street.

The popstar was one of a whole host of famous faces to be asked to take part in the royal celebration.

And she certainly made an impression:

Perry took to the stage at Windsor Castle, performing a medley of her biggest hits with the crowd going wild.

However, some watching back at home were mainly paying attention to her attire for the evening, with lots likening her to the popular tub of chocolates.

"Why is Katy Perry dressed as a Quality Street?" asked one.

Another remarked: "Extreme Quality Street energy from Katy Perry’s outfit here."

"Katy Perry taking inspiration from Caramel Quality Streets. Great choice!" put a third.

Katy Perry's outfit reminded many of the nation's favourite tub of chocolates.
Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Speaking previously about being asked to perform at Charlie's big bash, Perry said she couldn't believe it.

"I’m grateful to have been asked," she said. "It’s very exciting.'

Adding: "It [the invite] was very regal – I loved it. I’m an ambassador to one of his foundations… he asked me to sing and it all aligned."

And with her being among the performers at the concert, Perry was also invited to the actual coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

She was one of hundreds packed into the great hall, with Ant and Dec, Lionel Ritchie and politicians from around the world.

So as you can imagine, it was a bustling event, and the 'Teenage Dream' singer struggled to find her seat.

Perry was spotted in the crowd for the coronation ceremony.

And sure enough, as soon as social media users cottoned on to the funny clip that began doing the rounds, it didn't take long for it to become widespread on Twitter, with people howling at the whole kerfuffle.

Some said it served Perry right for wearing such a large hat, while others questioned why the service didn't have ushers to prevent guests from ending up looking like lost lambs.

Others, however, just found the situation painfully relatable.

And after switching on her phone and seeing the social media fallout, Perry later responded to the viral footage.

Taking to Twitter, she told her fans: "Don't worry guys i found my seat."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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