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Primark to review unisex changing rooms after two men walk in on woman

Primark to review unisex changing rooms after two men walk in on woman

The retailer made a statement after an incident earlier this week.

Primark has issued a statement announcing it is reviewing its unisex changing room policy following a customer incident earlier this week.

Charlotte Kirby was in one of the clothing stores in Cambridge and had gone to the new unisex changing rooms when she was met with two very uncomfortable situations.

You can watch a video about what Charlotte experienced below:

Charlotte, who was emotional in the video, explained that two men had opened her changing room curtain while she was trying items on.

Sitting in her car after the incident, she said: "I feel really stupid being emotional about this, but I was trying on some clothes, and it was a unisex changing room which I'm really for and I love that because it makes everyone feel included.

"But twice, two men opened the curtain and walked in on me. Luckily both times I was [...] fully-clothed, but I could easily not have been," she said.

The TikToker explained how it was two 'different people' but that they were 'clearly from the same group'.

She continued: "There was probably 100 changing rooms available. So it wasn't like, 'Oo is someone in here or not?'

"The first time was as they walked in they did it and the second time, was like one of them said to the other, 'Have you tried it on, can I see?' and he opened it."

Charlotte was walked in on twice.

Charlotte went on to explain that Primark had been 'amazing' in how they had handled the situation, adding: "I have to say though, Primark have been amazing. They were really really good about it. They have walked me back to my car because I was scared.

"Apparently it's not the first time it's happened. Security are watching back the tapes and trying to find who it is."

Following the incident, Primark has issued a statement explaining they are reviewing the changing rooms, which were introduced in 2019, and will 'share more soon'.

"We’ve received questions about an incident in our fitting rooms this weekend," Primark explained on social media.

"We’re sorry for the customer's experience and want to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

"This is something we’ve been looking into to ensure everyone always feels safe & comfortable - we’ll share more soon."

Alongside her video, Charlotte wrote: "Please be aware/spread the word and stay safe girls. Don’t go in changing rooms alone. This never even crossed my mind when I went into a unisex changing room.

"Thank you @primark for dealing with this so well. I know worst things could have happened but I still feel very shaken up."

Featured Image Credit: charlottemkirby/Tiktok Erkan Mehmet/Alamy Stock Photo

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