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Mum says she saves hundreds by ironing Nike logos onto Primark clothes for teenage son

Mum says she saves hundreds by ironing Nike logos onto Primark clothes for teenage son

This is genius!

A mum has claimed that she's saving 'hundreds' by ironing Nike logos onto her son's Primark t-shirts to create the perfect dupes for him.

Kat Burman, 37, realised that rather than spending a fortune on the real deal, she could fill her son's wardrobe with homemade 'Nike' apparel for just a fraction of the cost.

Watch how she does it here:

Kat, a beautician from Northampton, explained that she didn't see the point in spending loads of money on sports gear when all her son cared about was 'playing football and running around with his friends'.

After investing in a Cricut machine, which could set you back about £300 ($345), Kat got her son some Primark t-shirts and got to work.

When she posted a video of the finished product to TikTok, Kat was flooded with questions from curious parents who wanted to try out the genius clothes hack for themselves.

She explained in the comments section that the first step is to download an image of the logo you're looking for. Then, using the Cricut Design Space app, she's able to remove any unwanted background from the image. Finally, she saves the file, and creates the logo using heat transfer vinyl and her Cricut machine.

Kat has ironed the realistic-looking logos onto t-shirts, jumpers, and even a plain PE bag for her son, and the results speak for themselves.

The mum has been able to alter her sons clothes using a simple hack.

The mum was even able to use the technique to alter a genuine Nike coat. When there was only one coat left in stock, and it came with a pink logo, Kat seamlessly covered it up with a white logo instead.

She got the idea after using the Cricut kit to decorate face masks during the pandemic, having taught herself how to use the equipment by watching YouTube videos, and eventually started doing it on clothing over the summer break.

Kat said: “There is no point splashing out on expensive branded goods when all my son cares about is playing football and running around his friends - his clothes don’t last long. Honestly, nobody can tell the difference and he loves them.

“The coat is actually Nike but they only had one with a pink tick left in stock, so I printed over the pink with white.”

Kat shared that her teenage son has ADHD, making him more particular when it comes to fabrics and 'tags' on clothes, so this was the perfect solution.

In the comments, Kat estimated that she had likely saved "hundreds" on clothes for her boy as a result, but some of her followers think it could be thousands.

The mum taught herself how to use the equipment on YouTube.

At first, the mum did have her share of sceptics, with some convinced that the fake logos wouldn't last very long on her son's clothes.

"When the sticker comes off at lunch. It’s over for him," one viewer remarked.

However, another user was quick to put that suggestion to bed, writing: "I actually have this machine, it’s permanent, I have things I’ve made and they’re still perfect two years later."

And Kat herself added: "Plenty of washes. Just don’t tumble dry on high heat and turn inside out."

Most users were blown away by Kat's genius yet effective craftwork and filled the comment section with praise for her creativity.

"I need these iron-ons, my boy costs me a fortune!" wrote one user.

"You saved like hundreds of dollars... great idea," added a second.

"Love the idea and as well you can put your own twist on it," raved another.

"I do the same for my son with characters and signs from video games" confessed a fourth. "Saved me a lot of cash. And he's happy."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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