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Peppa Pig Accused Of 'Brainwashing Children' In Controversial Episode

Peppa Pig Accused Of 'Brainwashing Children' In Controversial Episode

The children's cartoon has come under fire recently over claims of 'brainwashing' infants.

Peppa Pig was, and continues to be, a huge part in many of our childhoods.

First airing all the way back in 2004, the family cartoon has been going strong for nearly two whole decades.

Peppa Pig follows main character Peppa alongside her friends and family as she learns new lessons of life each day.

The polar bear doctor asks Peppa questions about vaccinations.
Channel 5.

However, the beloved franchise has recently come under fire over the episode Peppa Gets a Health Check.

First airing in 2021, weeks after the NHS began to roll out vaccinations for younger children, the episode followed Peppa's journey going to the doctor's.

In the episode, Mummy Pig took Peppa to a GP surgery, where a polar bear doctor measures her weight and height, checks her pulse, alongside measuring the volume of her 'oink'.

The plot of the episode was since lifted and turned into a children's book titled, 'Peppa Gets a Vaccination'.
Channel 5

The plot of the episode was since lifted and turned into a children's book titled Peppa Gets a Vaccination.

The storybook was published last September, 10 days after the NHS began to vaccinate children between the ages of 12- and 15-years-old.

While the episode and book hold two different titles, the polar bear doctor makes their second appearance, saying: "Now it's time for your vaccination, do you know why we have vaccinations Peppa?"

'Peppa Gets a Health Check' has outraged anti-vaxxers.

The tale continued: "'Peppa put her hand up. 'Yes! They stop us from getting ill, and that helps people around us, too.'"

"That's right. Sometimes vaccinations are given as a little spray in your nose and sometimes a tiny pinprick in your arm," the polar bear medic responded.

Striking similarities appear between the original episode and following book as, in the TV programme, the doctor checks to ask: "Is Peppa up-to-date with her vaccinations?"

Anti-vaxxers are likening the Covid-19 vaccination jab to "child abuse".
Channel 5.

Mummy Pig aptly responds: "Yes, she is."

Ending the scene, the programme's familiar voice-over chimes in, explaining: "A vaccination stops you getting ill."

While some found the episode informative and education, many anti-vaxxers are outraged with the franchise's latest works in promoting vaccinations.

Dubbing Peppa Pig as 'brainwashing' material and likening the Covid-19 vaccination jab to 'child abuse', anti-vaxxers have blasted the show.

"A vaccination stops you getting ill," the voice-over explained.
Channel 5.

One Amazon user left a review for the book writing: "Leave our kids alone! Let kids be kids for goodness sake... stop brainwashing them!"

"Is this some sort of sick joke?" commented a second.

A third was clearly enraged by the reference to vaccinations, offering some more plot ideas for the children's TV show, "Maybe one where Daddy pig has some adverse reactions or Grandpa pig dies alone in a care home slowly poisoned by Midazolam? How about teaching children that?Sick world we're living in. Shawn the Sheep would have been a better choice, 'Shawn and the sheep go off to slaughter.'"

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Channel 5

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