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People Divided Over Mum's 'Embarrassing' Gift For Son's 16th Birthday

People Divided Over Mum's 'Embarrassing' Gift For Son's 16th Birthday

Highly embarrassing or really supportive mum? We can't decide.

A mum's gift for her son's 16th birthday has caused mixed reactions online, with some branding it 'embarrassing'.

See the video here:

The mum shared her gift for her son's 16th via her Tiktok account - @jadamson98 - as she packed her son a hamper full of products to make sure that he’s having safe, hygienic and enjoyable sex.

In the video, featuring the infamous Mission Impossible theme tune, she says: "Sixteen means wipes, protection, more protection. I’m a young mum, so make sure there’s more protection."

Mum Jade shows off her hamper of sex gifts for her 16 year old son for his birthday. (

In the video, which has now had more than a million views and over 2400 likes, Jade can be seen packing her son’s 16th birthday present, which included tons of condoms and even lubricant wrapped up in a pretty hamper.

In the TikTok video, Jade speaks out about her son turning the legal age of consent, and that she wants to make sure he’s safe if he’s going to have sex. She states: "Maybe he wants to experience, and that’s ok".

The video has sparked mixed reactions online as not all viewers agreed with the mum's proactive approach.

The video has sparked a huge reaction online. (

One viewer commented: "I’m so glad my mum didn’t do this for me".

Another shared: "So so so so so awkward, you'll scar that poor lad!"

"I would be mortified and embarrassed af if my mum did anything like that", said a third.

Mum Jade says she's ok with her son being sexually active. (

However, some praised the mum for being sex positive. One viewer commented: "Smart mama".

Another added: "I wish u were my mom def better for me not buying things".

Another defended Jade's actions, commenting: "This is great parenting, I don't understand why people are complaining! It's better to be safe than sorry, she can't stop him doing that."

Would you feel embarrassed if your mum had bought you a sex kit for your 16th birthday?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@Jadamson89official

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