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Your old Barbies could now be worth thousands thanks to Margot Robbie

Your old Barbies could now be worth thousands thanks to Margot Robbie

Come on Barbie let's go party, at the auction house

Old Barbie dolls could be worth thousands of pounds as the upcoming Barbie Movie sees a spike in their value.

Best get into the attic and check on the old Barbie dolls, as the right edition of the iconic toy could be worth a fortune now. The upcoming Barbie Movie starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken has seen vintage editions rise in value in the run up.

The Barbie Movie is increasing interest in the dolls.
Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo / Alamy Stock Photo

The movie has already turned heads, and will see Barbie and Ken leaving their sheltered home to go to the real world, where things aren't quite so sparkly as they are back home.

With the hotly-anticipated movie now imminent, now would be a great time to check on old barbie collections to see if there are any dolls which could be worth a pretty penny.

However, as a caveat, the dolls are likely to need to be in excellent condition to fetch a high price at auction. There are also a select few releases which are worth more than others, so your well-loved companion is unlikely to be among them - unless she's a special edition.

The second most expensive edition is the Dahlia Barbie from 2006, valued at around £1,940. Then there's the Golden Gala Barbie from 2009, at £1,162. The most recent edition to feature on the list in the Bab Mackie Countess Dracula Barbie from 2011, valued at £709. There's also the Special 2000 Edition Celebration Barbie, at £842.

Naturally, the edition which has risen the most in value is the Number One Barbie. This was the very first Barbie Doll released, way back in 1959. These are now rare collectors items, and have skyrocketed in value.

A Number One Barbie which sold at Christie's for £2,880 in 2006.

A Number One Barbie was sold at Christie's in September 2006, coming on sale as part of a huge collection of the dolls which spanned the history of the brand. The Number One Barbie ended up fetching £2,880, more than its estimate.

However, in 2023 a Number One Barbie in pristine condition is likely to sell for many times that, with one estimate putting it at just under £22,000.

For your Barbie to fetch such a payload, there are a fews things that need to be considered that could increase or decrease the value of a particular doll. One in bad condition would lose value - obviously - but if it had been owned by someone famous, then its value could increase hugely.

Events surrounding the famous doll can also increase interest in a particular collectors' item. For example, when a very famous author dies, signed copies or first editions of their work can increase in value. This increases the demand and therefore the price, and it's entirely possible that the Barbie Movie is having the same effect on collectors' Barbies.

So, what are you waiting for? Get checking that attic and let's hope the hair is still intact!

Featured Image Credit: Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo / Alamy Stock Photo / Warner Bros

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