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Londons Tubes Packed Despite Prime Minister's Lockdown

Lucy Devine

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Londons Tubes Packed Despite Prime Minister's Lockdown

Featured Image Credit: PA

Yesterday evening, prime minster Boris Johnson addressed the nation and placed the UK in a three week-long lockdown to help halt the spread of coronavirus.

The announcement saw the introduction of several, stricter new measures. But this morning, London commuters can be seen packed into tube carriages across the capital and crowded onto platforms while they await their morning train.


Twitter has been flooded with images of the commuters this morning, with many members of the public upset over the situation and what it could mean for NHS workers.

One person tweeted: "Still overcrowding at London tube stations this morning while NHS workers are trying to get to work. We need inspections at stations."

Another said: "London tube this morning. This is not social distancing, this is a dream come true for Coronavirus who will infect these people & bring this infection into your family home this evening.

"The decision to shut 40 tube stations & put on less frequent trains is killing London."

Another wrote: "East London is always rammed with construction workers getting the tube. This is at West Ham and then Stratford station this morning.

"A lot of them are self-employed or employers demanding they come in. How do you address this?"

Yesterday, the prime minister announced that the British public should only be leaving the house for essential food supplies, exercising alone - or, with members of their household only - medical appointments or travelling to and from work (essential workers only).

Boris Johnson emphasised that those who can be working at home, should be. Non-essential shops will now be closed, except food shops, pharmacies, petrol stations, vets, newsagents, banks and undertakers.

Gatherings of more than two people - except for those in the same household - have also been banned.

This morning, London mayor Sadiq Khan reiterated the prime minister's message, tweeting: "LONDON: I cannot say this more strongly: we must stop all non-essential use of public transport now.

"Employers: please support your staff to work from home unless it's absolutely necessary. Ignoring these rules means more lives lost."

Speaking to BBC Breakfast he added: "One of the reasons why I'm pleased the Prime Minister made his announcement last night is because it's provided clarity.

"I think the messages have been mixed and the public don't appear to understand the importance of following the message 'everyone should stay at home - full stop'.

"Unless you've got exceptional reasons to leave home, everyone should work from home. Unless it's critical for you to go to work and if you're going to work, the key thing is to make sure you understand what the rules are and why they're there. They're there to stop the virus spreading.

"My message again, not just to Londoners, but those who are maybe thinking about coming in to London because they work in London, is: don't work from home unless you have a very good reason why you need to work, and if you've got to go to work for a very good reason, please don't do so during rush hour.

"Public transport is running for essential workers to get to and from work from home because they can't work from home."

For more information on the measures included in the lockdown, visit gov.uk/coronavirus.

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Lucy Devine
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