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A mum has completely divided opinions after she packed her toddler a homemade meal when dining out at a restaurant.

The reveal has since re-opened the heated debate over restaurant etiquette, alongside parenting styles and how the two intersect.

While some are praising the mum for her 'genius' idea, others are totally slamming her actions for being 'so wrong'.

The mum has re-opened a heated parenting debate.

Mum, Karlie, took to TikTok to reveal to her 40.6k followers exactly what she does when it comes to eating out with her toddler.

She began: "Call me cheap, call me whatever, but if we’re going out to a restaurant, I’m packing my kid a meal.

"I do this for many reasons. On Friday nights, my family and I get together and tonight, we’re getting food out. My son is not getting food out."

Karlie then started running through her reasons behind the decision.

"For one, you want me to pay $6.99 for chicken tenders and fries that my son is going to throw half of it on the floor? You’re crazy," she continued.

"Also," the mum added, "whatever I pack is probably going to be healthier than what the restaurant has anyways."

The mum explained her child is 'not opinionated' when it comes to food.

She then showed her followers exactly what a typical packed meal may look like.

"Tonight on the menu, peanut butter and jelly, bananas, mild cheddar cheese cubes, and a chocolate Lara bar."

The mum then explained the third reason: "Also, when we get to a restaurant, my child is not waiting for anyone to take his order.

"He wants to eat now. I can just hand him this and let him go to town."

Continuing with her final reason, Karlie explains: "My child is not opinionated.

"He does not care what he eats - he just wants to eat."

The short clip has since clocked up over half a million views on the platform with thousands of people rushing to the comments section to share their verdicts on the matter.

Many seemed to be of the belief that the mum was in the wrong, with one TikTok user hitting back with: "Yeah no my child still has the joy of eating out."

People are calling praising the mum for her 'genius' idea.

A second revealed: "I tried doing this once and I felt so much mum guilt. Like I was leaving her out or something."

"That’s a no for me," echoed a third, "I was excited when I got to start ordering for my kid off the menu."

A fourth claimed: "This is so wrong in my opinion. If we either can’t afford or there’s nothing at that place my kids like, we ain’t eating there."

Others, however, were of a totally different school of thought and even praised the mum for her 'genius' life hack.

One TikTok user penned: "This is actually genius. My son is so picky and I always end up paying for something he doesn’t eat."

A second admitted: "I do this too! Smartest and most financially sound choice I’ve ever made!"

"Ignore the hate," praised a third, "I support this! So smart! Imma be doing this save this single momma money and a dinner less stressful!!"

A final TikTok user assured: "You're not cheap! You're reasonable!"

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @unbreakablemomma

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