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John Lewis Respond To Backlash After Advert Sparks Sexist Commentary Over Boy In Dress

John Lewis Respond To Backlash After Advert Sparks Sexist Commentary Over Boy In Dress

The brand has defended the ad which promotes its new home insurance policies...

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

John Lewis has responded to the backlash its new home insurance ad received after it was accused of "agenda-pushing" by social media users.

The ad, which was released online on Monday, features a boy in his mother's dress, sporting make-up, jewellery and heels as he struts around his home.

However, in the process of his strutting he manages to smear paint, break lamps and throw glitter into the air all the while Stevie Nicks' Edge of Seventeen plays in the background.

Watch the ad below:

After the advert captured the attention of social media users, people rushed to Twitter to express their thoughts.

One woman criticised the advert because of the boy's behaviour and said: "I saw a boy being allowed to be entitled. Spilling his sister's paints as she was quietly minding her own business. I saw a mother who should've gone apesh*t but will end up clearing it all up."

Another Twitter account tweeted the advert and wrote: "New John Lewis advert. Anything unusual or agenda pushing about it?"

Lots of Twitter users defended the advert against criticism, with one person sharing: "I cannot believe there's people mad about a John Lewis advert where a boy puts on mum's dress and makeup and dances around the house. Seems kind of like an atypical childhood experience."

While a second person wrote: "I find it so mad that the generation that call us 'snowflakes' are the ones who get upset by the most ridiculous things today they're all losing their mind over a kid in a dress on the John Lewis ad look."

Some TV viewers were upset with the home insurance ad (
Many defended the ad (credit: Twitter)
Many defended the ad (credit: Twitter)

And a third defender said: "The John Lewis insurance advert serves to remind me, that generally the masses suck. You're refusing to buy insurance because a boy in a dress is wearing make up? It's just telly, calm down."

In light of the furore, John Lewis has responded to the fallout and posted a statement to their social media defending the ad.

They wrote read: "At John Lewis, we believe in children having fun and that's why we chose this playful storyline for our latest advert. It's designed to show the young actor getting carried away with his dramatic performance.

"He is not damaging his home and is unaware of the unintentional consequences of his actions.

Some social media users have defended the advert (
John Lewis/YouTube)

"If customers have Accidental Damage Cover with our Home Insurance, this would cover a range of major and minor home disasters - including unintentional breakages caused by children in the family."

And that's that.

Featured Image Credit: John Lewis / YouTube

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