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Girl, 12, suffers severe facial injuries after being mauled by her pet dog

Girl, 12, suffers severe facial injuries after being mauled by her pet dog

Niki Chrysanthopoulos underwent 20 stitches in hospital and may need further surgery in the coming weeks

A 12-year-old girl has suffered severe facial injuries after being mauled by her family's pet dog.

Aussie Niki Chrysanthopoulos had come home from school on Thursday afternoon (27 July) and was enjoying a snack after a hard day of education.

However, her family's American Bull Terrier soon became aggressive and started to growl at Niki.

The dog, which had never displayed an act of such violence before, attacked the young girl when she leant down to give him a kiss.

"I just started screaming," Niki told 7News.

After the dog latched onto her face, she was rushed to hospital with severe injuries.

Part of her lip has been ripped off and her teeth were also been knocked out of place.

Niki has been left with devastating injuries.

Devastatingly, some of the damage caused by the dog attack is expected to be permanent.

When in hospital, Niki needed 20 stitches - which is terrifying enough for a fully-grown adult.

Speaking to 7News, the young girl added: "After surgery I was freaking out and I couldn’t look at my face because I was scared to see what I’d look like."

Niki's mum did not have a single hesitation to put the dog down after the brutal attack.

"On the outside he looked like a big gentle giant, he had a good heart, but in the snap of a finger he was a totally different dog," mum Tanya said.

She continued: "I did not hesitate at all [to put the dog down]. He’s hurt my baby. At the end of the day, if a dog does that, it needs to be put down."

While the initial reconstruction has taken place, Niki may still need further work including dental work in the coming weeks.

The attacking dog has been put down.

In a bid to help the family with the likely expensive medical costs coming their way, family friend Carolyn Lawrence has set up a GoFundMe page to help ease the financial pressure.

On the page, Carolyn wrote: "She [Tanya] had to budget what money she gets for food for her kids bills and car expenses.

"She also has very sick parents so life is hitting her hard right now.

"She needs everyone's help I don't know who may be reading this right now but please if you can donate to help pay for her daughter's surgery we are very appreciative even if you can't donate share this go fund me with everyone you know."

The fundraiser has a target of AUD$15,000 (£7,800), with AUD$650 (£339) raised at the time of writing.

Featured Image Credit: 7News

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