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Family claim there's 'more to the story' after woman is viciously mauled by her pet Rottweilers

Family claim there's 'more to the story' after woman is viciously mauled by her pet Rottweilers

The family of Nikita Piil, who was rushed to hospital after her two Rottweilers attacked her, have shed light on the incident.

The family of an Australian woman who was seriously injured after she was attacked by her two pet dogs have said there’s ‘more to the story’.

Nikita Piil, 31, was rushed to hospital suffering major blood loss and serious bite wounds to her limbs when her pet Rottweilers.

The vicious attack on Nikita happened at around 4:30 p,m. on Saturday, 16 September in the suburb of Success in the south of Perth.

Nikita was rushed to hospital.

“I was contemplating jumping in the fence and getting in there to kind of rescue her but um obviously there was two Rottweilers in there and, I didn't have a knife — I didn't have anything really good to take this dog out,” neighbour Bryn Spencer told 9News.

“I only had a bat. All I could really do is just watch this girl get mauled apart while I'm smacking the fence."

Nikita’s family have since broken their silence on the dog attack and have started a GoFundMe page where ‘100% of the donations will go directly to help pay off Kita’s upcoming surgeries and rehabilitation fees’, the family said.

“Our family have been trying to avoid publicity as this is a very tough time for us and we do not want our darling Kita to re-live what has recently happened,” the description of the GoFundMe reads.

“We want her story to get out there when she’s ready.

“She loved and adored her dogs, and her friends and family have witnessed how much they loved her too.”

The GoFundMe description also sheds some light on the horrific dog attack, claiming that Nikita got ‘caught in a crossfire’ before her dogs pounced on their owner.

Nikita Piil remains in hospital after the vicious attack.

The family wrote: “Unfortunately she got caught in a crossfire calming her dogs down due to an incident within the neighbourhood. There’s more to this story…

“We know that times are tough and we appreciate any donation to get her through this difficult time,” Natasha said.

The GoFundMe was organised by Ric, Denise and Nataha Piil. It is not clear exactly how the three of them are related to Nikita.

Police arrived and an officer was forced to shoot the dog to save Piil’s life.

A spokesperson for WA police issued a statement which read: “Due to the extremely aggressive nature of the dogs, and the ongoing risk to human life, a police firearm was discharged to stop the attack.”

The fundraiser has so far accumulated AUD$13,370 from 70 donors at the time of writing. The goal is AUD$15,000.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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