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Love is Blind viewers think Colleen feels guilty for how she treated Cole

Love is Blind viewers think Colleen feels guilty for how she treated Cole

We’re still hyperventilating over season 3 of Love Is Blind, particularly the reunion episode

We’re still hyperventilating over season 3 of Love Is Blind.

There was drama aplenty and it all came to a head during the show’s reunion episode, which dropped on Netflix last week.

People were quick to dissect the hour-long special, with many pointing out how uncomfortable Colleen Reed looked when a certain conversation with Cole Barnett was brought up.

People pointed out how uncomfortable Colleen looked when her relationship with Cole was brought up.

For anyone in need of a refresher, ballerina and PR exec Colleen ended up walking down the aisle (and marrying) Matt Bolton, but sparks most certainly flew between herself and realtor Cole (who was engaged to Zanab Jaffrey).

During the reunion episode, a snippet of a mildly flirty conversation Colleen and Cole had early on in season three was shown, and Colleen looked incredibly uncomfortable, leading some viewers to believe she felt bad for it made her now-husband feel.

Love Is Blind fans rushed to point out how ‘guilty’ Colleen looked in Netflix Bangers, a Facebook page where fans discuss shows on the streaming platform.

Commenting on Colleen’s expression when Cole’s name was mentioned, one person said: “You could see the fear come over her the minute they said, ‘let's talk about the Cole situation’.”

A second social media user echoed: “She has a face of guilt.”

Another added: “I think it’s her feeling guilty for how she handled the Cole situation. She has matured and doesn’t want to be portrayed the way she acted.”

Replying to the above comment, one person said: “Totally agree,” while another penned: “100%.”

Cole was at the centre of most of the drama in Love Is Blind’s reunion episode, and got some serious flack from his ex fiance, Zanab.

In the heated reunion episode, Zanab accused Cole of controlling what she ate and making offensive comments about her body both on and off camera.

She then claimed that in an unaired interaction between her and Cole, she had been eating two oranges when Cole asked her: “Are you going to eat both of those?”, pointing out that they were about to go for dinner.

As part of the reunion episode, Netflix aired the interaction in question, but after watching the scene, viewers claimed that Zanab exaggerated the incident, forcing her to respond.

Posting an open letter to Cole, Zanab wrote: “I fought for us until I couldn’t anymore,” she shared.

“I know you know that. I know you know why I said what I said. I know you know what you did. It’s ok if you aren’t ready to talk about that yet."

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