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Warning as kids have less than a week for Santa to reply to their letters

Warning as kids have less than a week for Santa to reply to their letters

It's time to get writing

Parents have been warned to get their children’s letters to Santa sent off in good time as kids have just one week left to get a reply in time for Christmas.

Children will be able to get an actual personalised letter response from the big man himself, thanks to Royal Mail and Hallmark, who are working together to help deliver Father Christmas’ letters.

Those looking to communicate with Santa through the letter should clearly write their address on the envelope so that he is able to respond to them directly.

Hopeful children should also include their full name and address in the letter so that Santa is aware of who to respond to, while an adult should pay for postage to send the letter out.

Kids have just one week left to get a reply from Santa in time for Christmas.

However, you won’t need to include a return envelope or stamp inside, as Santa will send his letter back to you with the sheer magic of Christmas.

But any children who are eager to hear what Mr Claus has to say will need to send him a letter by Friday 9 December, which is just under one week away.

However, families are being warned to send their letters out well in advance of the deadline as it’s a busy time of year in Reindeerland, and at Royal Mail.

Any rogue letters which haven’t yet been sent out can be posted to: Father Christmas, Santa's Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ.

Children need to get writing if they want that all-important reply.

Those hoping to be on Santa’s ‘Nice’ list this year should receive a response within 10 days of sending out their letter - so keep an eye on your front doorstep!

And for those little elves who are too excited to wait for Santa Claus’ reply, you can download the card he’s set to send back on the Royal Mail website.

Meanwhile, if you’re worried about missing the cut-off date for a letter from Santa, then you can head to the NSPCC website to create your own magical letter for your children on behalf of the big man - with an £8 donation going towards keeping Childline open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can also personalise your child’s letter from Santa with all their special details that only the man who ‘sees you when you’re sleeping’ would know.

You can help make your children's wishes come true and create their Santa letter through the NSPCC website here.

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