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Mum appeals for help deciphering daughter’s hilarious letter to Santa

Mum appeals for help deciphering daughter’s hilarious letter to Santa

Can you make out a single thing on that list?

A concerned mum is asking the internet for all the help she can get to decipher her seven-year-old daughter's letter to Santa Claus.

Sharon MacDonald has been tearing her hair out trying to read the wish list her child wrote to Father Christmas so she can get set for the holidays.

Sharing a photo of her child's Santa letter to social media, Sharon begged: "Help me out lovely people in my phone."

Sharon needs help trying to read her child's Santa letter.

"My just turned 7 year old wrote her Santa letter in private", she continued.

"I’ve managed to retrieve it from the community postbox for Santa.

"I can make out: a robot cat, jigsaw and a bottle of wine for me (awwww, what a sweetheart) but can’t for the life of me decipher the top part or the bit on the far right!!!"

Sharon's daughter listed out five things on her wish list, neatly divided into sections across the sheet of paper, and complete with a drawing - but her mum still can't figure out everything she wants.

When one mum suggested that Sharon simply has a conversation with her daughter about her Christmas list, Sharon explained: "I’ve tried. She said it’s between her and Santa."

After the letter was posted to Facebook, Sharon's friends were able to help her figure out the first present in no time at all.

"I've just got my fiancee to read it - ex primary teacher", one woman wrote. "And she read it as massive paws or magic paws she did also say it potentially be magic powers."

"Top one is make me have magic powers", agreed a second.

Some parents suggested that Sharon get her daughter a magic set to help her with this request.


The next item on the daughter's list was a little easier to make out, with Sharon and her Facebook friends agreeing that it asked for 'a bottle of wine for my mummy'.

That's more thoughtful than any of my Santa letters ever were.

"She’s awesome", Sharon commented. "Mummy might need more than one bottle."

Then, there's a polite request for a robot cat and a jigsaw (spelt 'gixo'), but things get a little bit harder to make out after that.

The exact line reads: "Plees can I b abl too trin in too a megjagwr.'

Thankfully, there were plenty of other parents with little ones who were able to help make it out.

"She wants to be able to turn into a mega jaguar... Does she watch a show when a character turns into an animal?" wondered one person.

A second agreed: "I think it says 'please can I be able to turn into a mega jaguar.' Does she happen to watch Kipo on Netflix? My son is 8 & watches it, Kipo turns into a mega jaguar!"

That's some impressive detective work.

And when Sharon's daughter does get her gifts - magic powers or magic claws - she's going to give some of her old toys away, so everyone's a winner!

Sharon explained: "We always do a thing where Santa tries to fulfil her list (since she isn’t greedy) if she goes to her toy room before Christmas Eve and selects 5 toys she no longer plays with.

"She looks after her toys so they are all immaculate - and she wraps them up for under the tree for Santa to take to children who may not be able to make a list."

Let's all hope that if this little girl is giving some of her old toys away, her Santa letter has been read correctly!

Featured Image Credit: Facebook Evgeny Bakharev / Alamy Stock Photo

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