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Katherine Ryan says partner Bobby once chucked a burglar out of window before chasing him down the road

Katherine Ryan says partner Bobby once chucked a burglar out of window before chasing him down the road

Katherine Ryan has said that her partner Bobby chased an intruder down the street as he attempted to burgle their UK home.

With every Christmas season, families across the UK are more worried about the threat of being burgled as there is a lot of new gifts in the house.

But this story comes from October 2019 when comedian Katherine Ryan was left terrified after a man in a mask snuck into her property.

Katherine's partner and childhood sweetheart Bobby Kootstra performed like a true superhero by throwing the intruder out of the window and chasing the burglar on foot after pushing him from a height.

Katherine has been recalling the dramatic events of 20 October 2019 in her brand new Sky comedy special Missus.

Katherine Ryan discussed the incident in her new Sky comedy special.
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She said: "Bobby and I were in the kitchen, I was enjoying a glass of wine and he was making a bolognaise one early evening.

Bobby ended up getting some of the bolognaise sauce on his shirt so went upstairs to change it, with Katherine remaining in the kitchen 'enjoying my wine'.

She continued: "All of a sudden, above me in the bedroom I heard banging and crashing. I was not alarmed.

"He was probably chasing the cat around trying to knock the hamster out her mouth, standard in our house.

"The banging continued and intensified and then I heard a voice say 'I’m going to f****** kill you' and I thought the cat’s changed!

"So then in a cold panic, no shoes on and wine in hand, I glided toward my front door very quietly and carefully and positioned myself there in case I needed to make a quick getaway."

Katherine then says that moments later Bobby came running down the stairs with no top on and he was straight out of the front door.

The comedian followed her partner out of the front door and chased him down the road, though he didn't look back.

She added: "Luckily, I had my mobile phone in my pocket. Took it out and called 999.

"They put me on hold for a minute and 42 seconds and when they put me back on the line, I was hysterical and launched into the most left-wing rant of my career."

Bobby Kootstra (RIGHT) chased the burglar down the street.
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While she rang the police, Katherine became distracted as she noticed her partner wrestling the intruder on the street.

Shortly after, Katherine made sense of the situation, which sounds like something out of a film.

She explained: "When Bobby went upstairs to change, he and a burglar surprised each other.

"They had a fight. Bobby decided to overpower him and chuck him out our first-floor window, which you’re not allowed to do, by the way.

"So, he chucks him out of the window, luckily this guy was unharmed and he ran away and Bobby watched which way he went, so when he came down the stairs, he wasn’t running away from the intruder he was running in pursuit of the intruder."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kathbum

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