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People Are Losing It Over Kamala Harris' 'French Accent' During Trip To France

People Are Losing It Over Kamala Harris' 'French Accent' During Trip To France

Some are calling the video 'cringe'.

Just when we thought we couldn't love her anymore, an awkwardly charming video of Vice President Kamala Harris has surfaced on Twitter of her using a fake French accent while speaking to a group of scientists.

However twitter user Jake Schneider shared the video with his 27,600 followers, branding the politician "cringe".

People largely seemed to agree, questioning why she had to speak with a faux-French accent in the first place.

The trip took place in a Covid-19 lab based in Paris, where Kamala spoke to the scientists about the US-French alliance on scientific research.

"Kamala 'Cringe' Harris visits a group of French scientists and speaks to them as if they're toddlers", Jake said.

In the video, the VP told the scientists she was planning to campaign with "the plan [...] uppercase 'T', uppercase 'P". Although it's unclear to us non-scientists what "the plan" actually is, Twitter users were losing their minds over something completely different.

One user kicked things off with a gif of The Office's Michael Scott cringe-laughing. While another said, "she's just trying to be funny. Big deal!"


One user jokingly complimented her on her "cracking French accent".

"This is extremely embarrassing", said a second.


According to The Independent, the first female VP has been found to have a pretty low approval rating, despite the fact that we're just shy of a year into Joe Biden's run as president.

The rating currently sits at just 28%, which seems to be historically low for any Vice President in the last 50 years.

Kamala has faced a rocky road during her first year as Vice President. [

Despite the fact that some social media users have trolled the Vice President in the past, celebrities and public figures have been defending her. Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel stated the rating was low due to "sexism and racism", as well as "looking like an assassin" whenever she stands next to the US President.

We think she's doing a great job!

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