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Jamie Laing rushed to hospital after allergic reaction to puppy

Jamie Laing rushed to hospital after allergic reaction to puppy

Jamie Laing's fiancee shares that 'his asthma is out of control' after allergic reaction to their new puppy, Bobbie.

Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing has been rushed to hospital following an allergic reaction to his new puppy Bobbie.

The news came after Laing's fiancée Sophie Habboo shared the information on Instagram on Wednesday (28 December), revealing that his asthma had become 'out of control' after adopting their new four-legged friend.

She also mentioned that they have been 'quite stressed' by the scare of his reaction. He is currently being treated with steroids for his symptoms.

@jamielaing / Instagram
@jamielaing / Instagram

Jamie recently revealed he had given into Sophie's 'nagging' for a pet and they had adopted the long-haired Dachshund named Bobbie.

Sadly however, it seems Jamie had a bad reaction to the pooch.

In a video posted on her Instagram story, Sophie wrote: "Sorry for the MIA on Instagram, had the most wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did as well.

@sophiehabboo / Instagram

"Jamie has been in hospital for steroids as it turns out he's allergic to the new pup and his asthma has got out of control.

"So as you can imagine I've been quite stressed for them both.

"Going to the doctor tomorrow so will keep you all updated. But sending everyone all my love to everyone."

Only last week Jamie shared the exciting news on Instagram that he and Sophie had welcomed the furry new addition to their family and he seemed to be quite besotted with the new puppy, Bobbie, who was pictured curled up in a doggy sling.

His post read: "Welcome to the family Little Bobbie. I've said no to a dog for a long time but finally had to give in to Sophie's constant nagging.

@jamielaing / Instagram
@jamielaing / Instagram

"It's peeing everywhere, pooping all over the place, she doesn't know her name and ignores me, she sleeps all day and is awake during the night, wants to cuddle Sophie and not me but somehow I still find her pretty damn irresistible.

"Plus I get to choose her second name which probably was a big mistake, any ideas?"

Fellow Made in Chelsea star Oliver Proudlock commented: "U know what comes next bro!"

@jamielaing / Instagram

Laing also shared another post from the holidays on Instagram just three days ago, featuring the pampered pooch and fiancée Sophie and captioned: "Decided Christmas is my favourite day of the year."

The allergic reaction has come as quite a shock for the couple who are set to marry next year and are in the middle of planning their 'big wedding'.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jamielaing

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