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UK Could See Hottest June Day In 40 Years This Week

UK Could See Hottest June Day In 40 Years This Week

Meteorologists have predicted temperatures this week could exceed the record for the hottest day in June

Summer is finally upon us, and this summer is more special than most now that all Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted in the UK. 

And it turns out that this summer could be special in more than one way, as the UK could see the hottest June day in 40 years this week.

Yep, Netweather predicts that temperatures this week could exceed the previous June record of 35.6C, recorded in London in 1957 and Southampton in 1976.

The meteorological site's forecast read: "Operational forecast runs from the ECMWF [European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts] and GFS [Global Forecast System] are suggesting the potential for record-breaking temperatures of around 35-36C in the south-east.

People in London on a hot day in 2018.
Alamy / Paul Swinney

"For comparison, the UK record temperature for June is 35.6C, set in Southampton on 28 June 1976 during a famous hot spell.

"However, some forecast runs have the hottest weather not quite making the British Isles, with the south-east just nudging the low 30s Celsius - which would still be hot by most standards, but not record-breaking."

The Met Office's forecast is more conservative, predicting that Friday will hit highs of 32C in the south-east.

However, spokesperson Steven Keates told the Daily Mail: “It could possibly be a little hotter than that… mid-30s are possible.”

Beachgoers enjoying warm weather in Brighton in 2014.
Alamy / Julia Claxton

If these mid-30s temperatures are hit, then it is possible that we will see the hottest June temperatures in 40 years this summer. 

It would also mean that temperatures in the UK will be exceeding those in Portugal, Jamaica, Costa Rica, the Canary Islands and Cyprus, Metro reports. 

However, if you’re reading from Scotland, then we’re afraid it’s not such good news, as temperatures are expected to range from 18-22C in what is predicted to be a cloudy Edinburgh. 

A man with ice creams.
Alamy / Stephen Chung

The hottest day of the year so far took place in May at Heathrow and was 27.5C.

“We should beat that comfortably on Friday and potentially exceed it, or get very close to it, on Wednesday and Thursday as well,” Keates said.

The Met Office spokesman said that heatwaves are now entirely likely between now and the middle of September.

"We think at the moment it will be warmer than average with an increasing likelihood of heatwaves," he said.

“There have been no heatwaves so far this year... the greater likelihood is that it's going to be the further south, south-east, you are.”

The Met Office also warned of pollen levels this week and UV, which will be higher in the warmer weather.

They wrote: “Grass #pollen levels in the south will be very high again today in the warm sunshine.

“UV levels will also be high in the south so don't forget your sun protection.”

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