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People Are Just Discovering Hidden Feature On Their Driving License

People Are Just Discovering Hidden Feature On Their Driving License

Did you know about this?

US citizens are just realising that there is a hidden feature on their driver's licenses that they had never noticed before - and it's so cool!

TikTok users @matthewlarino and @strickdown5856 showed viewers how to find the hidden mark, revealing that there's something different to be found for each different state.

Watch their discovery here:

It turns out that, not only do US driver's licences carry photo identification, personal details, and your vehicle information, but there's also a hidden image that you can only see if you shine a light through it.

In the original video, shared by @strickdown5856, she tells her followers: "So apparently, if you shine a light on your license, some type of animal will show through..."

TikToker Matthew Larino then tried out the trick for himself, only to find the image of a bear on his.

Other viewers from across the States took to the comment section to reveal what they found when they went looking for the secret animal.

Some licenses in the US have bears on them. (

One commented: "Mine has a turtle, this is the happiest I've been in weeks."

Others found state symbols and outlines on their licenses.

"[In] Montana it’s a flower" said one TikToker.

"mine has an Arizona state symbol" commented another.

A third revealed: "Massachusetts has the state outline," while a fourth added: "Yeah, mine just has the Nevada state outline…but never knew it was there. Very cool info!"

We can always rely on TikTok to teach us new secrets and tricks.

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Thank you, TikTok, for your endless supply of knowledge.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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