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British triplets break record for most premature birth in the world

British triplets break record for most premature birth in the world

The triplets have set not just one, but two new world records

The Guinness World Records has revealed 'awe-inspiring' British triplets have set not just one, but two new world records.

Michaela White's experience giving birth was very different to most mothers - with the 32-year-old only finding out she was pregnant at 19 weeks and having to give birth surrounded by 21 doctors and nurses after going into labour way sooner than expected.

Michaela and her partner Jason Hopkins from Bristol have since opened up about their experience during labour and what it's been like looking after their three daughters since.

At just 22 weeks and five days pregnant, Michaela gave birth to Rubi-Rose, Payton Jane and Porscha-Mae.

The mum believes the stress of her and Jason losing their jobs weeks earlier as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and later being evicted could have been a contributing factor to her early labour.

First of the triplets to arrive was Rubi-Rose, popping out into the world at 10:33am on 14 February, 2021 at a tiny weight of 1lb (467g)

Next was Payton-Jane at 12:01pm weighing 0.89lb (402g) and finally Porscha-Mae at 0.91oz (415g), both via emergency caesarean section.

Combined, the triplets weight a total of just 2.83lb (1.284kg).

Michaela gave birth to the triplets at just 22 weeks and five days.

The triplets had to be provided with oxygen 10 seconds after they were delivered and despite a critical 72 hours, made it through.

They spent the next few months in the neonatal care unit (NICU) but required ongoing hospital appointments, home visits and physio in the following year once allowed back home - all three triplets having differing degrees of cerebral palsy - a condition that affects balance, posture and movement.

"It can be really challenging for anyone with disabled children but me and my partner Jay - we just crack on and do what we need for them," Michaela notes.

Combined, the triplets weight a total of just 2.83lb (1.284kg).

It's been particularly challenging for Jason, who experienced a medical emergency with middle-twin Payton-Jane - who like Porscha-Mae has to be fed via a tube and has mobility difficulties.

The father has experienced post-natal depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of the emergency.

Jason explains: "Postnatal depression isn’t really recognized in dads and the whole experience for a dad can be very alienating."

The family have since created a TikTok account (@hopkinstribe) to raise awareness of male post-natal depression, PTSD and bringing up children with cerebral palsy.

The triplets have broken two Guinness World Records.

It's since been confirmed the triplets have set two new Guinness World Records - the first, for the most premature birth and the second, for the lightest ever weight at birth.

A spokesperson for Guinness World Records said: "We are so happy to award the triplets Rubi-Rose, Payton Jane and Porscha-Mae with their Guinness World Records titles.

'"The girls and their family’s strength, determination and positivity is awe-inspiring. A truly amazing family."

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