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Woman goes into labour just 24 hours after finding out she is pregnant

Woman goes into labour just 24 hours after finding out she is pregnant

Molly didn't even know how far along she was when her son was born.

The majority of people have months and months to prepare for a baby after discovering they're pregnant, but one mum had just 24 hours.

Molly Gilbert, 25, had barely processed the fact that she was about to become a mum before her son Beau was born at the Royal Derby Hospital.

Nottinghamshire Live reports that while she had no idea that she was expecting, she had been felling unwell for some time and visited her doctor for answers.

Molly knew something was wrong for months.
Molly Gilbert / BPM Media

She said: "I've been going back and forth to the doctor since the end of March as my weight has been really up and down, it has been for years, but it was noticeably different these last few months.

"I was being tested for lymphedema and lipoedema because they just thought it was water retention or something like that."

Molly thought she got her answer to the problem when blood tests revealed that she was suffering from low iron and liver problems on 5 September.

"I was like well at least I've got kind of an answer to what's going on," she said.

"Then an hour later they rang me back and said actually we've had the rest of the blood results, and you're pregnant."

It was at this point that the 25-year-old was advised to see a midwife as soon as possible because she was quite far along.

While was quickly about to arrange a blood test and a scan for the coming week, her unexpected baby planned to come a lot sooner than that.

Molly had just 24 hours to prepare for motherhood.
Molly Gilbert / BPM Media

After beginning her day as normal, going to work and then meeting her mum for lunch, Molly's waters broke – and to make the situation even scarier, she didn't exactly know how far along she was.

Molly said: "My mum rang an ambulance and they took me in.

"They wanted to scan me as we had no idea how far gone I was, no idea about anything.

"They scanned me and they actually laughed, they were like you're 39 weeks and six days. You're having a boy and he's coming now."

Molly, who said the whole ordeal was 'crazy', was unsurprisingly shocked.

She said: "I had a C-section so I was in hospital for a few days, so I had a few days to sort things at home."

Thankfully, Molly, who lives with her parents, has had a lot of people willing to help her out in the face of unexpected motherhood.

"I've been really lucky, I've had so many people wanting to give me stuff thinking I won't have anything," she explained.

"A lot of people have been around and bought me stuff and my parents went and got me a pram, so it's not like I came home to nothing."

Molly's dad, Vince Gilbert, added: "’He's absolutely stunning, to say nobody knew he was there, he has turned out very well. We are over the moon."

Featured Image Credit: Molly Gilbert / BPM Media

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