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People Are Stunned As Woman Shares Little-Known Side Effect Of Pregnancy

People Are Stunned As Woman Shares Little-Known Side Effect Of Pregnancy

Did you know this could happen?

A mum has shocked social media users after sharing an incredible clip of one of the little-known side effects of pregnancy.

We knew that pregnancy involved swollen hands and feet, but this is crazy!

TikTok user @carlaincarolina recorded the moment as she and her husband investigated the fascinating effect together.

Watch the amazing clip here:

Carla, who revealed to followers that she was 39 weeks pregnant, sarcastically captioned the video: "Being pregnant is fun."

TikTok viewers who were unfamiliar with the side-effect were understandably shocked by the clip, rushing to the comments section to discuss what they had just seen.

One noted that the mum-to-be's skin was "just like dough", while another said: "She became a memory foam 🥴".

A third joked: "Play-Doh sales after this : 📈📈📈📈"

Others couldn't help but notice how petrified Carla's partner looked in the clip.

One amused viewer said: "Man's looked traumatized in your stead."


Accompanying the video, TikToker Carla revealed in the caption that the effect was known as Pitting Edema.

According to the NHS, Pitting Edema is a swelling in the legs, feet, and ankles, caused by a build-up of fluid.

While swelling during pregnancy is usually completely harmless, it can be uncomfortable.

There are a number of methods recommended to ease swelling if you are experiencing Pitting Edema, including:

  • Washing, drying, and moisturising your feet
  • Wearing wide, comfortable shoes with a soft sole.
  • Getting some gentle exercise to improve blood flow.
  • Raising your legs on a chair or pillows when possible.
  • Drinking plenty of water.

Speaking to Tyla, midwife and founder of Mummy's Organics Odette Abououf said: "It can be normal to get a little swelling of the feet or ankles especially in the final weeks before birth. However pitting is a sign that indicated excess fluid build up.

Mum-to-be Carla shared the incredible clip on TikTok. (

"It is especially worrying when it is obvious further up the leg between the knee and the ankle. This fluid build up is a symptom that could be a result of a more serious condition.

"One of these is a serious condition called pre-eclampsia and this would need to be assessed by a midwife or doctor.

"Other symptoms of pre eclampsia can include visual disturbances, high blood pressure, protein in your urine, a persistent frontal headache and pain in your chest similar to indigestion. Pre-eclampsia can be life threatening but if discovered can be treated."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@carlaincarolina

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