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Family left heartbroken after they’re forced to give up pet dog who had been attacked by two men

Family left heartbroken after they’re forced to give up pet dog who had been attacked by two men

Morris was left traumatised and injured after two men punched and kicked him whilst on a walk

A family has been left heartbroken after they were forced to give up a pup due to it being attacked by men on the street.

Their bully mix, Morris has had to be put up for adoption after he was punched and kicked during a walk on the beach in Co Donegal.

The incident began after another dog who was off lead came running up and frightened him, leading him to snap his teeth.

According to Morris’s owner, this is when the dog was then pounced on by two grown men who began to beat him as their own pet began a scuffle.

But Morris wasn’t the only one injured in the fight, as his owner was left with bruises to her arms and hands.

The rescue centre claims that this is due to the other dog's owners throwing punches and kicks, even after the dogs broke apart.

The bully mix was on a walk with his new family when he was punched by grown men.
Facebook/ Friends of Rescue

The animal ended up suffering with trauma, an infection and severe bruising to his head and face and handed back to the rescue as Morris' family felt as though they couldn’t protect him if it was to happen again.

Friends of Rescue from Derry said: “We are disgusted that Morris was brutally beaten with the beating continuing even after the two dogs had been separated. Morris is a two-year-old bully mix, he is a big strong boy which is not his fault, this is just how he is built.

“But he is a good boy, great with people and walks very well with other dogs on a lead but he wants to be the only pet in the home.”

The pup even needed to be given a sedative in the aftermath as he was so upset by the attack, as well as pain medication to relieve his pain.

The spokesperson continued: “His temperature was sky-high, indicating infection so he is on antibiotics for that too. "Thankfully both dogs walked away from the beach, the Garda were called and the situation was dealt with but Morris is traumatised.

Morris was beaten by two men.
Facebook/ Friends of Rescue

“We COMPLETELY understand that you would do anything to get your dog to safety and we understand the complete distress and concern for both dogs but Morris was brutally beaten, continuing even after the 2 dogs had been separated.”

Even though Morris is a big dog, the rescue centre added thar he is 'great with people, and walks very well with other dogs (on a lead) but wants to be the only pet in the home'.

The rescue is now looking for a home for Morris and are asking people to 'come forward asap and [they] will provide all the support necessary'.

They said: “Morris needs his person, a dedicated loving home who will protect him and love him the rest off his wee life.”

Featured Image Credit: Friends of Rescue

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