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We all often have those neighbours we have a little bit of an unspoken war with or want some privacy from, but this is next level.

A family built an ‘illegal’ 12 foot tall fence to block out their new neighbours.

TikTok user @actuallynotemily posted the video of the huge barrier with the caption: “Can’t make this stuff up.”

She couldn’t believe her new neighbours would build such a giant fence outside their home and reckons it’s probably ‘illegal’ anyway.

She says it's because her neighbours 'hate' her.

Emily writes: “When your new neighbours hate u so they build an illegal 12ft fence.”

In the video, she stands in her garden, showing how there isn’t really any fences around that obstruct her neighbours’ view.

But she soon starts laughing as she cuts to images of her bold new neighbours’ build.

It shows a gigantic wooden-panelled fence that blocks any view of her neighbour’s home or garden.

Emily even pans the camera along the fence from behind her own, much shorter, wire railed fence to give us a sense of just how huge this physical statement of ‘hate’ is.

She doesn’t explain why she thinks they must ‘hate’ her so much but it’s clear they don’t want to be seen by their neighbours.

This fence seems like quite the statement.

Users found the clip hilarious, leaving crying-face emojis in the comments and writing ‘that’s not a fence’.

Another even put: “Bye not the wall.”

In another neighbour war in the UK, a woman realised pieces of her garden furniture had disappeared from her garden.

But she soon noticed her neighbours were sitting on her lovely garden chairs - from the comfort of their own garden.

Lia Hatzakis 'jaw dropped' when she realised they'd taken two of her chairs, despite their gardens being separated by a fence.

She sent her partner down the shared alleyway to get them back, and yet, it still happened again.

Hatzakis was very polite about it when she asked for them back, with the man claiming someone else had taken it.

Mysteriously taking garden furniture is one thing but building a huge fence because you 'hate' your neighbours is certainly another.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@actuallynotemily

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