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Dating expert lists ways to tell if your partner is actually a narcissist

Dating expert lists ways to tell if your partner is actually a narcissist

The Jonah Hill controversy led many people to accuse the Hollywood actor of being a narcissistic partner.

Are you wondering how to understand whether your partner is a narcissist?

Thankfully, a dating expert has come to the rescue and has revealed how to spot these essential warning signs, after the whole Jonah Hill debacle.

Dr Betsy Chung, a relationship expert has released some tips about spotting a narc after surfer and ex-girlfriend of Hill, Sarah Brady accused him of emotionally abusing her in text messages.

Calling the 21 Jump Street actor a 'misogynistic' and 'emotionally abusive,’ Brady came with receipts and shared the screenshots with her Instagram followers.

After meeting Hill in 2021 and dating for a year, she now has come out to say that he sabotaged her career, forcing her to turn down jobs with surfing and swimwear brands, cut-off friends and told her not work with men.

Sarah dated Jonah back in 2021.
Instagram/ @sarahhbrady

These messages, which are alleged to have been sent by the 39-year-old actor, demanded that she take down social media posts of her “a** in a thong”, banning her from posting herself in a swimsuit ever again.

After releasing her messages, Brady wanted these to be a 'warning to all girls' to make an 'exit plan' if they were being emotionally abused.

Now, Dr Chung, a psychologist and relationship expert from California, has revealed to ways to spot a narcissist/

She said the signs were that “they come in really strong in the beginning, making everything feel too good to be true,” and that “someone with NPD constantly needs praise.”

Though these seems to be kind of iffy, with not too much danger involved, they soon ramp up the hear.

Dr Chung continued: “They will isolate you from your friends and hobbies.”

“Someone with NPD will never apologize and always make it seem like it's your fault.”

“They have no remorse for doing anything wrong.”

Jonah has been accused of being emotionally abusive:
Instagram/ @jonahhill_newofficial

This is because narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition that causes the person to have a sense of grandeur about themselves, and to think that they are above others, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Though many simply throw out the term for any reason, these tips show that there are clear warning signs to spot a narc.

Dr Chung also provided ways to help you avoid narcissists, advising that: “Those that struggle with NPD tend to present themselves very favourably toward others because it gives them the admiration and positive attention they need to reinforce their sense of greatness.”

She explained that the initial stages of a relationship will feel like you are “on top of the world,” but that it’ll soon give way to more sinister emotions.

Sarah released messages with the actor.
Instagram/ @sarahhbrady

“If you're in a relationship with a person with NPD, you may initially feel like you're on the top of the world — as if you've struck gold, but eventually feel small and helpless,” she explained to

She continued: “Narcissists will attempt to isolate you from your closest allies so that you can be their personal source of adoration, and will cause you to question your friends and family by speaking very poorly about them — particularly if your friends and family begin to warn you about your partner's narcissistic traits.”

After piling on to Brady’s messages about demands that she had to meet in order for them to continue, it does make you wonder whether these texts are clear signs of a narcissist.

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