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Cruz Beckham's Controversial Photoshoot Sparks Debate On “Double Standards”

Cruz Beckham's Controversial Photoshoot Sparks Debate On “Double Standards”

The 17-year-old recently covered i_D Magazine, where he modelled shirtless in white boxers, with his jeans rolled down his legs.

Cruz Beckham’s latest photoshoot has sparked a debate on “double standards”. 

The 17-year-old recently posed for i_D Magazine, where he modelled shirtless in white boxers, with his jeans rolled down his legs in one frame.

The photoshoot was criticised by fans on social media for being “inappropriate”, given he is underage (meaning by law, he is not yet an adult), while others believe the photo shoot would not have been allowed if it was a young woman on the front cover.

“Are we all going to pretend that Cruz Beckham posing in his underwear on a magazine as a sixteen year old is totally normal? If it was a sixteen year old girl…”, one Twitter user asked (Cruz would have been 16 years old when the pictures were taken, having turned 17 after publication of the photos).

Another social media fan echoed this same opinion, writing: “#cruzbeckham half-naked on the cover of a magazine at 17 is such a double-standard. Imagine the outrage if it was a 17 yr old girl.”

Meanwhile, others felt “uncomfortable” by the half-naked photoshoot, and also shared their opinions on the social media platform.

“I can’t be the only one uncomfortable with 17-year-old Cruz Beckham thirst trapping and stripping to his boxers and showing off abs for a mag front cover?!”, Jack Hardwick wrote.

Lex also said: “Why is it socially acceptable for Cruz Beckham to be taking photos In his underwear/grabbing his crotch/clearly showing he has tattoos under age when he was 16 when the photos were taken?! and why is Victoria hyping them? He’s a child [sic]”. 

“Anyone else find that id cover with 17 year old cruz beckham a bit weird? like the whole thing is that he’s “of age” and the cover is him in only a pair of boxers [sic]”, Eva asked.

Meanwhile, Lindsey added: “Cruz Beckham being photographed like that as a MINOR is not cute or chic and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. He’s a child”. 

The NSPCC states that, in England, “a child is defined as anyone who has not yet reached their 18th birthday.”

The i-D interview revealed that Cruz wants to pursue a music career, while he previously thought about following in his father’s footsteps in terms of a football career.

“I thought I would want to do football and I did that for a bit,” he told the magazine, but soon realised that music “is exactly what I want to do.”

Tyla has contacted representatives of Victoria and David Beckham for a comment on the matter.

We have also spoken to Digital Expert Harvey Morton for his thoughts on Cruz's latest photographic endeavours.

"Cruz Beckham's latest cover shoot is surprising given his age, and it does feel uncomfortable to look at," Morton, who founded Harvey Morton Digital tells us.

"However, Cruz has regularly shared topless photos on his Instagram page for a few years now, as have his brothers Romeo and Brookyln - it's clear that they enjoy being in the spotlight and the attention this brings.

"Cruz's latest shoot raises important questions around whether this should have been allowed and it's also a reminder that parents have a duty to educate themselves and their children to ensure they're staying safe online. The responsibility also lies with legislators, educators and tech companies," he says.

Morton also adds: "It also goes without saying that a photo like this would never have made it to a magazine cover if it was a female celebrity. As Cruz is under 18, it's in poor taste and inappropriate."

Although Beckham is in the spotlight, it's important to remember that online safety applies to everyone.

"Next time you’re about to post that picture of yourself, whatever the content, perhaps check your privacy settings and ask yourself if the likes and comments are worth it. Because not everyone is looking at that photo with the same lens."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram @cruzbeckham

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