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Woman faces seven years in jail because she said tomato puree was too sweet

Woman faces seven years in jail because she said tomato puree was too sweet

'It's pure sugar', Chioma Okoli said of the puree

A woman who took to Facebook to complain her tomato puree was too sweet is now facing up to seven years behind bars.

That'll make you think twice next time you leave a Tripadvisor review.

Chioma Okoli, 39, has over 18,000 followers on Facebook decided to leave a review after trying Nagiko Tomato Mix, a product by Nigerian company Erisco Foods.

The issues started after labelling tomato puree 'pure sugar.'
Facebook/Chioma Egodi Jnr

Chioma dubbed the sauce ‘too sweet' - none the wiser about the world of trouble she was about to land herself in.

She then prompted her followers to share their own thoughts on the product, prompting a response from a woman that claimed to be the relative of Erisco Foods CEO Eric Umeofia.

The angry comment read: “Stop spoiling my brother’s product. If [you] don’t like it, use another one than bring it to social media or call the customer service.”

The arrest was sparked by comments made on Facebook.
Facebook/Chioma Egodi Jnr

Chioma then retaliated by responding: “Help me advise your brother to stop k***ing people with his product, yesterday was my first time of using and it’s pure sugar.”

Chioma, who is currently pregnant, was arrested by plainclothes police officers whilst she was in church.

She was granted bail after agreeing to apologise to Erisco Foods, but her lawyer maintains this was under duress.

Chioma was charged with two crimes. The first charge is conspiring with two other individuals with 'the intention of instigating people against Erisco Foods Limited', which carries a maximum sentence of seven years.

Amnesty International have since weighed in.
Facebook/Chioma Egodi Jnr

The second charge is 'instigating Erisco Foods Limited, knowing the said information to be false', a crime that carries a sentence of three years, and may result in the defendant being liable to pay a hefty fine of seven million naira (£3,950).

The CEO of Erisco Foods, Eric Umeofia, said in a news broadcast that he would ‘rather die than allow someone to tarnish my image I worked 40 years to grow.’

Chioma has now filed a counter lawsuit against Erisco Foods and the Nigerian police.

Chioma’s lawyer, Inibehe Effiong, noted the legal proceedings had been done ‘without regard for the security and safety of Chioma, her husband, or her entire family.’

He told Metro UK: “My client has denied all of the allegations they have leveled against her. We have also filed a £280,000 lawsuit against the company Erisco, and the Nigerian police.

“That case is still pending in the court in Lagos. The court has also issued a restraining order, restraining the Nigerian police from arresting her.

“In this case, we believe that David is right, and Goliath is wrong.”

The entire ordeal has also sparked the attention of Amnesty International, who commented: “Harassment and intimidation of Chioma Okoli must end now.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Chioma Egodi Jnr/EcoPim-Studio/Getty Images

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