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Man who was convicted for killing terminally ill wife could face prison again after appeal

Man who was convicted for killing terminally ill wife could face prison again after appeal

Former miner David Hunter said his wife 'cried and begged' for him to commit the act

A retired British man who walked free after killing his wife could now face prison again.

Pensioner David Hunter was initially accused of murdering his wife, Janice, in 2021 but was released on 31 July after 19 months in jail for manslaughter.

However, the former miner could now face new charges after the Cypriot attorney general filed an appeal against his sentence and acquittal for murder, according to his lawyers.

Janice died at the age of 74.
Hunter family

Hunter’s wife died at the couple's retirement home in Paphos, Cyprus back in December 2021.

As authorities investigated the 74-year-old’s sudden death, she was found to have died of asphyxiation, with Hunter confessing to the killing shortly after his arrest.

Hunter claimed that his spouse of 52 years had ‘cried and begged’ for him to kill her because of the pain she suffered.

At the time, Janice has been undergoing treatment for a rare type of blood cancer.

Though the pensioner was eventually convicted of manslaughter - having been cleared of the more serious charge of premeditated murder - and given a two-year sentence, he was released due to the 19 months he’d already spent in prison awaiting his trial as well as good behaviour.

Organisation Justice Aboard - which has been supporting Mr Hunter throughout the case - said it will work with a ‘top team of lawyers to fight for’ him.

Representative Michael Polak told the BBC: "We are obviously very disappointed with the Attorney General's decision to appeal which gets in the way of David getting on with his life.

"He has spent 19 months in prison and faced legal proceedings over that period that would be difficult for anyone, but especially for someone of his age.

"This is a very sad matter, however, it is difficult to see how the continued pursuit of David assists anyone."

The British man was released on July 31.

In the previous trial, three judges overseeing the case agreed it was not 'premeditated murder' - which carries a life sentence in the country.

Shortly after this, it was decided Hunter had 'acted spontaneously' and 'out of love' following his wife's pleas.

Responding to the announcement of the appeal, Hunter's daughter Lesley Cawthorne said the family 'would again urge compassion for my elderly and frail father'.

She told press: “We continue to be so very grateful for all the support we have had."

In the days following his release, Hunter was seen visiting his late wife's grave for the first time.

Featured Image Credit: PA / Family handout

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