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Couple awarded $13,000 after complaining about their plane seat

Couple awarded $13,000 after complaining about their plane seat

The passengers had been left unsatisfied with their experience on board the Emirates flight

A doctor who launched a complaint against an airline won a whopping $13,000 in compensation.

Mark Morgan and his partner had paid $13,000 for their business class seats with Emirates from Auckland, New Zealand, to London.

However, Dr. Morgan was not happy with his experience and took the airline to the Disputes Tribunal, claiming that he had been misled.

Photos shared by Dr. Morgan show what the difference between what he was supposedly promised and what he got in reality.

Despite being promised leather seats in a reclining chair, Dr. Morgan's actual chair on the flight was described as being 'worn out'.

The doctor also listed a 'faulty entertainment system' as another complaint.

Emirates defended its advertising and argued that more details about their business class experience were included in the fine print.

They asserted that their airline 'cannot guarantee any particular aircraft will be used'.

The airline also argued it could also not make any guarantees for in-flight services such as entertainment or advertised meals.

The settlement came as the result of a complaint about the quality of a business class flight.

'These articles enable Emirates' business to function effectively, in that they afford it a degree of flexibility when navigating the complexities of cross-border air travel,' the submission read.

The Tribunal ultimately ruled in favour of Dr Morgan and ordered Emirates to compensate to him.

Speaking of the decision, Tribunal referee Laura Mueller said: "Mr Morgan argues that Emirates marketing materials were intended to lure NZ customers away from other airline services to purchase a service from Emirates that essentially did not exist."

Dr Morgan hoped that his case would help other dissatisfied customers come forward with their grievances, saying: "It's less than a drop in the ocean for them.

"Having said that, there could be thousands of passengers in New Zealand who were affected, who'd be able to make the same claim."

Dr Morgan complained about his experience on the Emirates flight. Emirates flight not pictured.

The surgeon said he felt the airline should change its advertising in light of his small victory against them: "They should be up front about what you are likely to get."

Morgan wouldn't be the first passenger to have a bad experience on a flight.

One mother was slammed by a fellow passenger when she booked a first class seat for her toddler - even though her child was reportedly behaving during the flight.

Another woman was awarded compensation after she complained of being 'wedged' between two overweight passengers on a three hour flight.

Tyla has contacted Emirates for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay