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Woman left furious after being charged 'ridiculous' hidden fee at restaurant

Woman left furious after being charged 'ridiculous' hidden fee at restaurant

One woman was shocked when she discovered an extra $25 had been added to her bill

Everyone's least favourite part of being in a restaurant is when it's time to pay the bill, as you've had a (hopefully) lovely meal and now have to do the boring and unfun duty of actually paying for the thing you got.

Depending on how you're splitting the bill it can also be the signal for everybody to pull out the phones if they weren't already texting at the table and figure out just how much they owe.

Then there's totting up how much you need to be putting down in the form of a tip, and that's only possible after you figure out what percentage of your bill you'll be putting towards your serving staff.

On top of that is the worry that you'll be charged for something you didn't realise needed to be paid for, especially as it's hard to argue you shouldn't pay for something you've already had.

That's what happened to one woman who was left fuming after she checked her bill and spotted an extra $25 charge, but people can't agree whether it's a justified cost or not.

TikToker Gigi posted online explaining that she'd been out to brunch with a couple of friends and they'd brought a cake along with them.

While they had been planning on eating it somewhere else, Gigi said the restaurant staff had offered to cut it up for her there and then, and she'd assumed they were 'just doing something nice for us'.

That didn't turn out to be the case and when she looked at her bill she realised the restaurant had charged her $25 for a 'cake cut'.

Posting the bill online and saying she 'didn't know this was a thing', plenty chipped in to discuss whether it was a common restaurant practice or not.

Someone said it was 'totally a thing' because the restaurant had to 'bring plates and forks which they then have to wash', but admitted 'it was wrong that you weren't told of a fee'.

The cost of cutting the cake was almost as much as a pizza at the restaurant.

Gigi said she'd 'been a server and we never had that' wherever she'd worked, and a second person who claimed they'd 'worked in 3 different restaurants' also found it surprising that a place would charge diners for cutting a cake.

Another said it 'seems crazy' that the cost of cutting the cake was almost as much as the restaurant was charging for a meal, though several people claimed the cost was so high because it was for bringing in outside food and denying the restaurant a sale.

Regardless of whether people thought the cake cutting fee was a legitimate thing or not, most could generally agree that someone ought to have told Gigi about the extra costs first.

While $25 might seem like quite a bit of dough to fork over for some cake cutting, it's certainly not the most expensive ever surprise cost we've seen at a restaurant.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@vivala_blondiiie

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